Andrew & Antonia Hays

join Robert and Noelle for a conversation about building a business and family together. The effort to design a life and build the business to sustain it, even when living in another country. We share stories of travel and family. Today they are seeking to scale their business to another level and that brings new challenges to their work and relationships.

A little bit about Andrew & Antonia...

Andy was born in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 1997. Andy brewed beer at various locations professionally after college before he went to law school. He graduated from Chicago Kent College of Law in 2005. After a couple of years working for a small firm, he went out on his own and formed Hays Firm LLC in 2008. Hays Firm specializes in estate and trust administration and litigation. From 2015 to 2018, Andy and his wife and four children moved down to Costa Rica and maintained their firm in Chicago. Andy commuted back to Chicago for a week each month to handle face-to-face meetings and court hearings. 

Antonia was born in Rochester, New York to Croatian immigrants. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 1996 and graduated from its School of Law School in 2001. Antonia worked for a mid-sized law firm before she joined forces with Andy after the birth of their third child in 2010. In addition to lawyering, Antonia is the firm’s marketing director and head of talent acquisition at this time of growth for Hays Firm LLC. The firm currently has six employees and just hired a new law school grad who is studying for the bar.

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Andrew & Antonia Hays
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