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Did you know that half of all businesses are closed within their first year, 80% are gone within five years and that 96% of all businesses fail within 10 years? That means that only 4% of all businesses last more than 10 years. That just means that they are "still standing," even if they are not "profitable."

My name is Robert Peterson and I know just how difficult it is to get a business off the ground. In 2018, I left a successful 20-year career in ministry to pursue my own journey of full-time, self-employment, so that I could do the work that I felt most called to do in this world.

I am so thankful for all the leadership, fundraising and people experience that those 20 years as a pastor provided. However, having lived a lifetime as an "employee" up to that point, I realized, real quickly, just how much I didn't know about what it took to actually own and operate my own business.

My first full year of full-time entrepreneurship was riddled with self-doubt, overwhelmed from all that I was being told I needed to do, and lack of clarity of what I needed to focus on next. As a result, that first year was the most difficult year, financially, that I have ever experienced in my lifetime. Not only that, I had never felt so "alone" in what I was trying to do in the world.

I can tell you that those difficult times were definitely worth it. However, with that said, looking back from the perspective of knowing what I know today, I now realize that things didn't have to be quite so hard.

“Your Greatest Business Asset - The Mastermind Group”

I'm happy to report that I've beat the odds. My online business is not only still alive, it has been thriving.

What changed?

I learned that your life will be the direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group.

The truth is that every successful person got to where they are by following the guidance and advice of someone who went before them.

Starting a mastermind group changed everything for me.

I define a mastermind as “a small group of people who meet on a consistent basis, where every member of the group is 100% committed to the success of every other member in the group."

The concept of the mastermind was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

Hill stated that through your participation in a healthy mastermind group, "you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life."

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The Benefits of A Healthy Inner Circle Team

Below are a few of the benefits that you will experience from your participation within a healthy mastermind group.

  • You will benefit greatly from the education, the experience, the influence and even the resources of the other people in your mastermind group.
  • You can accomplish more, in one year, than you could accomplish, without your mastermind group, in a lifetime, if you relied entirely on your own efforts for success.
  • When you form a true mastermind alliance with others, and work with them in a spirit of perfect harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you in carrying out your plans and desires.
  • The mastermind principle can give you protection against failure, provided always that your purpose, in using this principle, is beneficial to all whom you influence.
  • You will experience dramatic improvements in both your personal and professional life.
  • You will have more focus and greater confidence in yourself and your abilities.
  • You will have more clarity about what you need to focus on next.
  • You will have the momentum and energy that you need to sustain you through the rough spots.
  • You will experience less false starts and spend less time learning through trial and error.
  • You will have a deeper understanding of how you are perceived by others.
  • You will sharpen your leadership and communication skills.
  • You will be giving and receiving in a warm and friendly environment.
  • You will achieve your goals faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Is The Inner Circle Team Right For You?

I'm thrilled to tell you that you can apply to the Inner Circle Team Mastermind Group, a paid mastermind group that is designed for those who are on the journey of growing their business through full-time, self-employment.

To qualify for membership, you must meet the following requirements.

  • You must be 100%, full-time, self employed.
  • You must be someone who has a desire, the capacity and a willingness to serve others at the highest level.
  • You must be a High Level thinker that gravitates toward a positive outlook on life.
  • You must be a High Achiever. We look for those who have done things that most people would never dare dream of.
  • You must be a Life Long Learner! Everyone in our group is devoted to unceasing personal and professional growth.
  • You must have marketable skills in abundance! Because of the high achieving nature of our members and our commitment to unceasing personal and professional growth, each member has established a long list of skills that serve them and others at a highest level.
  • You must be willing to make your weekly mastermind group call one of your highest business priorities on your weekly schedule.
  • You must understand that the mastermind group principle is not only about serving you, but you must be willing to contribute to the success of every other individual in the group.

I don't want anyone to experience what I experienced during the first two years of building my business!

The Inner Circle Team Mastermind will certainly provide the full benefits of a healthy mastermind group environment.

The Inner Circle Team

Each group that I facilitate is limited to 12 members. Schedule a Mindset call today... as Space is Limited!

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