Jane Sagalovich

discusses making the jump to entrepreneurship after years of hating Mondays. She wants to help others create value in the marketplace and eliminate crappy online courses. It is important to intentionally design what success looks like for you and be willing to test and tweak without giving up.

A little bit about Jane...

Jane Sagalovich, CFA is the Chief Strategist at Scale Your Genius. She founded the company in 2018 to help people whose work makes a difference in people’s lives make a bigger impact, make more money, and have more freedom in how they do their work.

Since founding Scale Your Genius, she has helped hundreds of qualified experts create and sell their online courses and programs with clarity, confidence, and ease. 

With an M.B.A and a CFA under her belt, over 15 years in high-level corporate roles, and a  business owner and entrepreneur since 2014, Jane brings deep experience and is gifted in distilling it into targeted and transformational client work using a powerful combination of logic, expertise, and intuition

Originally from Ukraine, she now loves living the American Dream in Colorado where she gets to play in the beautiful Rocky Mountains… while scheming her next international adventure.

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Website: scaledgenius.com

LinkedIn: /jsagalovich

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Jane Sagalovich
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