Janine Bolon

shares the power of a desire, her first was wanting candy, which drove her to sell earthworms to bait shops. She is a passionate writer and supporter of authors creating a network for authors to share their stories and increase awareness. Her secret power has been in her ability to replicate herself and if you don’t like doing something, hire someone to do it. 

A little bit about Janine...

Janine Bolon has always loved figuring out how things work. A scientist from the beginning she craved to dig into the mysteries of life and understand why things are the way they are. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years she dropped out of corporate America to homeschool her four children. She has always had a side business in her life and shares with other business owners & creatives  how to manage a well-lived life of children, family, friends and clients while not suffering from burnout. Her 12 books, 15 online courses, 4 podcast programs and syndicated radio show all express her desire to share her systems & routines with others.

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Facebook: /janinebolon

LinkedIn: /janinebolon

Instagram: @janinebolon

YouTube: Janine Bolon - The Thriving Solopreneur

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Janine Bolon
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