Jeff Fulkerson

and Robert talk about his incredible FRO and how he capitalizes on teh uniqueness of his attention getting FRo to promote building attention getting websites. Jeff’s goal is to rid the world of terrible websites. You want people to remember you in a positive way and stop faking it, but grow to become the kind of person you are faking to be. Jeff shares some quick tips to make your website and ads better, help your customers have a positive interaction with you on your website.

A little bit about Jeff...

 Jeff Fulkerson is on a mission to rid the world of terrible websites.  He is the founder of FroBro Web Technologies, a company whose goal is to help position your business for success online. He believes that every business needs a professional website to centralize their customer acquisition efforts, even if your actual services don't involve anything digital. He personally knows the impact a great website (or fro) can have on your image and on the perception of others, and wants to help other business owners stand out and be represented online in the best way possible.

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Jeff Fulkerson
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson 0:00 

Today's guest is Jeff Fulkerson. Jeff is on a mission to rid the world of terrible websites. He's the founder of Robo web technologies, a company whose goal is to help position your business for success online. He believes that every business needs a professional website to centralize their customer acquisition efforts. Even if your actual services don't involve anything digital. He personally knows that the impact of a great website or website can have on your image and on the perception of others and wants to help other business owners stand out and be represented online in the best way possible. Jeff Fulkerson and Robert talks about his incredible fro and how he capitalizes on the uniqueness of his attention, getting fro to promote business, building attention, getting websites, Jeff's goal is to rid the world of terrible websites, you want people to remember you in a positive way and Stop faking it. grow to become the kind of person you're faking it to be. Jeff, share some quick tips to make your website and ads better help your customers have a positive interaction with you on your website. Jeff, thank you so much for coming on the show today just looking forward to sharing your story and learning about growth.

Jeff Fulkerson 1:44 

Glad to be here. I must say your smile lives up to your nickname.

Robert Peterson 1:49 

With a thank you. That's kind of how it came about. I get that people say wow, you're always smiling. I was like, Haha, smiling, took, it only took three and a half years for me to oh, maybe I

Jeff Fulkerson 2:02 

should use that. The important thing is you figured it out.

Robert Peterson 2:06 

I did. I'm slower than most, but I eventually get there with what you have. Typically I have guests who share their entrepreneurial journey and tell us the basic gist of how they made the decision to leap into entrepreneurship and some of the bumps and challenges but really leading to what they're doing today.

Jeff Fulkerson 2:25 

I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit,ever since I was a kid, I did a lemonade stand. I would buy cookies for bikers who are up in the morning driving, or riding by bright and early and high school. I would buy candy at the Smart and Final or these both places, and then sell it to my classmates to raise money. I was always doing something. Then I got into computers. I was always interested in building websites for friends and family. I studied computer science. I did that on the side making websites and stuff. then I decided to a certain point, I should just make this my thing. Right, I started for a row in 2016. I've been helping businesses since then with web design, SEO, lead generation and that sort of thing. It's been a fun journey.

Robert Peterson 3:17 

That's a technology for many entrepreneurs, it's kind of hard to keep up with. websites, SEO, that those are spaces that are constantly in motion.

Jeff Fulkerson 3:30 

There's always new technologies coming out, new frameworks and new ways of doing things. at a certain point, yes, you got to keep up and figure out what's out there. you can also get a better idea of what's worth switching to and when it's not worth switching. if you're always trying to switch to the next latest thing, you're going to be spinning your wheels, and you can't keep up. If you find something good that works, you can stick with that and also improve it along the way to make sure that it keeps up or is improving, to keep pace with other technologies.

Robert Peterson 4:04 

When I first started a website, I didn't like the idea of a business card, and just the space to verify that, oh, you really existed, mostly I was doing local business at the time. It was one of those things when you hand out your business cards at a Chamber of Commerce event, and they have something to go check and see all of this guy. Oh, he really is real. An effective website can be so much more than just a business card or verification that you exist.

Jeff Fulkerson 4:39 

It's really the hub or the center of all your marketing efforts. like you said, it's on your business card. It's on your fliers. It's in your email signature. Anytime you're talking to someone you're networking with, you send them back to your website. It's something that you should be investing some time and thought into. Unfortunately, there's a lot of small business owners who haven't done that either. Just because maybe they don't feel technologically savvy, or it's intimidating, or maybe they just never got around to it. then there's those who made a website years ago, because you're supposed to, so they tick the box, and they never give it a second thought. All of those are missing the opportunity of, if you put a little time and effort into it, that website can actually be an asset for your business, as opposed to something that just sits there.

Robert Peterson 5:23 

Combined with SEO, it can actually draw traffic to you. be proud to lead to an exact and of course, SEO can be scary for entrepreneurs, and most of them, their websites probably aren't using those SEO spaces, that keywords in the things that draw people, which are really powerful, and, and maybe different than they were five years ago, right a little more challenging in some of the spaces like coaching, and others, but it's still very usable.

Jeff Fulkerson 5:58 

There's a lot of different ways to get people to your website. ADS is one of them. Networking is another, SEO is a big one. The thing with SEO is if you spend a little time learning about some of the basics, you can hit some of that low hanging fruit and bump your website ranking up. Now, obviously, there are companies like mine that can help you with the ongoing portion if you actually want to build up your authority over time. Like it or not, it is something that just takes time, because you're trying to outrank your competitors, so it's just gonna take a while. you can get some quick wins, if you update your title tag, make sure you got a good h1 tag, that's descriptive of what's on your page, just so you can get in front of the people who are searching for the things that you offer.

Robert Peterson 6:43 

Nice. Also 2016, you jump into fr bro, and just really focusing on, on websites, on SEO on all the pieces of, basically a company's, like you said, the hub of their marketing. so how valuable it is is connections in building your business in, in reaching out in. Obviously,I feel like there's a group of entrepreneurs that want to sit in the basement of their house and never leave. then there's the entrepreneurs that are out there networking and constantly.there's obviously room for both. Maybe there's a place where you can find harmony or balance between those two ideas.

Jeff Fulkerson 7:30 

Those extremes have a lot to do with their individual personality. If you're more of an introvert, you're more likely to stay at home and want to figure things out through the tools that you can use online. Whereas if you are more extroverted, networking is the way to go . On the one hand, it kind of depends on what industry you're in and who you're trying to connect with. That can be a deciding factor in terms of deciding how to spend your time marketing, or getting in front of other people. if you are in front of the wrong group, or you don't want to waste your time, essentially figure out where your group is and then go there. Now in some cases, that is online. Other cases that's in person, sometimes it's both you never have to be stuck in just one area, it is always good to kind of branch out and see if you have, you can set up multiple channels of people coming to your business. then if one goes down for some reason, you still have another one to bring people to you referral partners, SEO, ads, networking, trade shows, whatever you're doing, those are different ways to get people to your site, which hopefully you've implemented well so that it can turn them into customers.

Robert Peterson 8:42 

Speaking of that idea, what tools have been the most effective in your own case of building an audience in generating leads?

Jeff Fulkerson 8:54 

I've tried a lot of things over the years because as this is something I'm offering to my clients, I need to do it myself first to make sure that I know how to do it, and what's effective. At this age, I'm always running multiple things for myself. I've got LinkedIn automation, running I've got connector campaigns where I'm reaching out to people that might be a good fit for working with me or partnerships. I'm running ads. I'm doing cold email outreach. Of course, I'm still networking. I'm part of a great group called age seven. If you're looking for a good networking group, that's a really flexible one. It's a great one to join a lot of great people there. I've of course done in person things you I speak I go on podcasts, and I'm trying to get myself in front of different potential clients while also furthering my own mission of ridding the world of terrible websites, by hopefully providing some insight that people can take away and improve their sights on their own. I don't know if I really answered the question

Robert Peterson 9:54 

no, absolutely you did. you mentioned four great ways that you're generating leads before that, you'd already mentioned that you should have multiple lead sources, that's the challenge for many entrepreneurs, that funnel finally hits. they're like, whoo, we've struck it rich, and we've got the perfect funnel. then that funnel goes dry. they don't have another plan, or any other lead source. I like the idea of having multiple leads in, combining, a LinkedIn campaign connect campaign with cold emails, those are both pretty challenging marketing systems for some, 

Jeff Fulkerson 10:35 

Yes. It can be daunting, especially when you look at how many respond out or the number that you said, and it's like, is this worth it? If you run the math, it usually is. It depends how you do it. Of course, you can always optimize and improve and you should be measuring your campaigns and testing different headlines doing the split testing to make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck and getting the most out of these campaigns.

Robert Peterson 11:00 

Yes, we had, Alex Berman was a guest and shared about a cold email manifesto. Really the numbers game is ultimately a numbers game, it's a numbers game that works if you use it well.

Jeff Fulkerson 11:16 

If you try to sell an item for 299, you're gonna have to send a lot of emails and try to get your conversion rates to be really good. if you've got a higher ticket offer, or some ongoing service that you're providing, then it can certainly be worth it.

Robert Peterson 11:30 

I don't need to make you don't need to make very many sales at a couple $1,000 to cover.

Jeff Fulkerson 11:37 

 it starts getting easier, the higher up you go. that also allows you to provide a better service, So it's kind of a win win. In that sense, I didn't want to miss his brother. We touched on briefly having that single channel of leads when you're running a business.A lot of people will fall into this trap, whether they are an insurance agent, or whatever you do. A lot of people just rely on referrals. It's almost there's two aspects to of it is pride. Like, No, I feel good knowing that people come to me. The other aspect is there's fear there, Not wanting to try something new or different. Maybe you are the introverted type, not wanting to go network or not really knowing how to set up a marketing campaign. so hiding behind that, oh, I just, I just do referrals. It can be a security blanket of sorts for people. so I would encourage people to try to push beyond that. Find someone that you trust, who can maybe help you set up one of these campaigns or even yourself, if you want to just dabble if you're tech minded, you can do a lot of this digital marketing stuff on your own or figure out a little bit of SEO, just so you're trying something else, because I love referrals, I get referrals sometimes too, they're the best kind of leads, they're easy to close, you're already come recommended. The only problem is you don't know when they're going to come in and you don't know how many they're gonna come in you can't really reach revenue goals. If your only source of income is hoping then more will come this month.

Robert Peterson 13:09 

So true. The other piece is that a couple of those funnels are our outbound right cold emails and outbound versus a funnel. That's inbound, like your SEO or your LinkedIn. LinkedIn is ultimately outbound if you make that connection requests, and then you really want a combination of the two, even if it's no one's 10%, the others 90%. Some people are more comfortable with, with, everybody wants inbound sales. We all want to hang out and have 20 people knocking on the door and giving us calls saying, hey, I want your business. The reality of that just isn't. It's not.

Jeff Fulkerson 13:56 

If you haven't even got a truck, you can drive into the corner by the beach where people are walking along the boardwalk. Now, you've got all that inbound traffic, people walking by as hot. You're the only game in town, But online, you have to get in front of people. It's not as easy as just driving up somewhere. I don't know, the one sense it kind of is like if you drive your business up to a Facebook group and start posting there. That's what you've done effectively if you're putting your business in front of those people. That's all you gotta do is figure out where your customers are, and go there sometimes to multiple places so you can post in multiple places similar concepts.

Robert Peterson 14:32 

Oh, that's an interesting way to serve a Facebook group. pulling up your food truck. I'd never thought of it that way.

Jeff Fulkerson 14:44 

If you're just sitting at home, waiting for somebody to walk by, your house is three blocks down from the nearest anything, You gotta go somewhere else where the people are.

Robert Peterson 14:56 

It's just helping people understand that they're there. There's a difference between inbound and outbound and, and, and opening yourself up to the idea of going out to find people is okay, it doesn't have to be door to door vacuum sales. Although if you go door to door to the right doors, eventually somebody is going to buy what you're offering.That can be the challenge for many entrepreneurs is a lot of them, they're knocking down the wrong doors. their conversion rates are or are super low. The way to get your conversion rate up is to know which doors that you want to be knocking on. That's where niching comes in, right niching down, the riches are in the niches they say. I heard a great analogy from a previous guest that just talked about the shared experience of a niche, if the niches language is in, and then that includes your website, if your website is speaking the right language and sharing the right stories that people go and they read those stories. They say, Oh, that's me. They feel it. We've all felt it. We've all heard something or read something or seen a video on YouTube and go, Wow, that guy's like in my head. when that happens, you've got an immediate connection to this person. you've made me I suppose it's like that food truck and taking that first bite of the taco going home. This is the top club and I have been waiting for my whole life. you're gonna go on and tell your entire Facebook feed about that taco truck. That's the kind of experience that people need to create. It's so challenging for many of them to get down to that level, get down to know which doors to knock on, to know who they really serve at that heart level, to know which stories they really need to be telling.

Jeff Fulkerson 16:57 

Even though it's hard to do, it's worth doing for all these reasons. You've got to be willing to fail a bunch of times and be willing to be told that, hey, you're annoying. Unsubscribe, you have to get over that if you want to actually be an entrepreneur and be successful, you've got to realize that a lot of those failures come before the successes. Unfortunately, some people get lucky. That's just part of the process.

Robert Peterson 17:28 

Seeing it as a process, not seeing those as failures. seeing them as ways that didn't work are ways that I need to change this a little bit. I need to tweak this. Really, it's testing. I'm not really expecting this.That's the challenge. When we put a Facebook ad out there, we put a Google ad out there, even our website SEO, and we just expect it to work. Rather than putting it out there saying, Hey, this is an experiment, we're gonna see what works. The dollar a day Facebook idea is so powerful and people want to know what if I do too? Well? What if I do 10? No, do the dollar a day first and see which one sticks and then, and then do the $10 a day once? One of those ads is like oh, man, that one hit 700 people on $1 a day. Imagine what to do with $10 a day. That can be the challenge is that testing idea.

Jeff Fulkerson 18:22 

So much of this comes down to our own, personal psychology or background and things that we get in our own way, right if we're so focused on pleasing everyone, then it's going to be really hard for you to do this to put something out there, knowing that it might not be the one thing that works, Or just being so terrified that someone's not gonna like you. You have to, like you said, think of it as a process. Learn from it, and don't let it become permanent. If you're thinking in the back of your mind and you're questioning, Am I good enough to do this? Is this what I'm supposed to be doing? Your brain will find ways to make that true. it will take an opportunity like oh my ad didn't work I guess I wasn't cut out for this or marketing doesn't work anymore. I'm going to try something else. So you bounce from thing to thing, spend all your money in courses and you never make any progress because you're so worried about getting past that initial point or changing that story that you've been telling yourself. You don't may not even realize it's there. it has to be worked on if you ever want to get past any level of success.

Robert Peterson 19:31 

Stories are so powerful and the most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves obviously you've talked about niching down and getting down to who you really serve. then there's an importance of knowing who you are right and that's part of your brand. Obviously, you've come up with a pretty cool brand and in for bro and in your love was behind you for those that are just audio listening need to go check out from and see Jeff's logo because it is kind of Jeff chillin in Alien mode.

Jeff Fulkerson 20:08 

My green face and my aviator sunglasses. 

Robert Peterson 20:11 

Let's talk about the value of a brand and really seeing yourself as a brand, rather than just as a person running a business.

Jeff Fulkerson 20:21 

That's tricky. It's always easier to see someone else that way than it is to look at yourself that way. It's important to get feedback from other people, mentors or people who are in this industry. the reason it's important is because it makes you stand out and tells people, it helps them remember you, It lets them know who you are what you're about really quickly, once your brand is established, so for me, I wanted my personality to come through, obviously, my logo has a big fro, because I have a fro. right now it's not at its fullest size as it has been in the past, but it's still there. Part of how I help business owners is that I want them to have a professional website and online presence, but I also want their personality to come through that uniqueness. Right. It's easy to fade into the background, because there's so many companies, companies that do similar things. if you're not differentiating yourself, somehow, whether it's in your niche, or in your approach, or marketing, something's got to set you apart. Otherwise, why you? Why are you different from anybody else? then what ends up happening is you start competing on price, which is a race to the bottom, and you won't have fun in that competition, Because you just end up undercutting yourself trying to, you're desperate for business, but then it's harder to all your expenses each month, because, blah, blah, that story. The point is, if you can stay professional and bring your authenticity to that, that's really valuable. That's something that I try to help my clients with.

Robert Peterson 21:54 

Wow, that last bit you just shared is really important.that authenticity, being able to be yourself. There's there's definitely been a movement are a group of people in the online space, They go and rent the rent the big air and be Airbnb for the weekend, and in its rental sports car and go and take all their pictures for their website to put all of this is up there, and I know, there's entrepreneurs listening that don't have those things, they don't have and they feel a pressure to, to put out those airs right to put on that facade. You mentioned authenticity, and I use the word character authenticity, and, and the value of being yourself, the value of just being who, who you are, and not worrying about having to be like somebody else and having to keep up with some other online guru or professional. Would you share your perspective on trying to, try to act like these people that have more than they do?

Jeff Fulkerson 23:06 

It's hard, because you hear the advice all the time and fake it till you make it right. On the one hand, it's like I understand where it's coming from, it's what you want to do, don't hold yourself back, Keep trying new things until you're able to accomplish them. On the other hand, if you're constantly faking it, then nobody's gonna really know who you are. At some point, are you going to shift and surprise them, to show them who you really are? What I would say instead is become the person who's capable of achieving the results that you want rather than faking it, just work on yourself, and you'll get there a lot faster. it might not be overnight, of course, it's just something that you got to start taking those steps if you decide I want to be a person who makes x amount per month, then you work backwards and say, Okay, what do I need to do to make that happen? Oh, I guess I need to learn how to hire someone, or I guess I need to learn how to, get a second truck or whatever your business is. So look at it that way, like acquiring the skills and the mindset shifts that you need to be capable of accomplishing those things. then you'll be able to do it

Robert Peterson 24:18 

so powerful.

Jeff Fulkerson 24:21 

It's over simplified, but it's true.

Robert Peterson 24:23 

Absolutely. Yet at its basic level, that idea of thinking to make it on one hand is a mindset. Just just do it, do something done is better than perfect. Right and done that you're willing to learn from is better than perfect, because the majority of people don't take that first step. They don't take action. Once you take action, then you have something to correct. You have something to fix it, and there's so many perfectionists that are trying to fix it before I even know what it is that needs fixing.

Jeff Fulkerson 24:55 

I don't know if that's a product of how our schools work. You're getting graded on things. In the business world, you don't really get a grade, your grade is just your clients. You either have them or you don't. Neither are returning clients or they're not, are they talking about you referring you to your friends, that's your report card. like you said, Robert, it's that iteration it's great to just do something to get out there. just keep doing it, it would be better than just do it, you got to iterate and improve?

Robert Peterson 25:29 

That's one of the things many people have a challenge with is putting an offer out, right. They've running a business and until you put an offer out, you're not in business, and it can take 100 offers before you find one that's really good. if you put 100 offers out that something's going to stick, something's going to work, because 100 offers, you're going to learn something and, and somewhere, you're going to find one that communicates to the people you're trying to reach, and somebody is going to give you money.

Jeff Fulkerson 26:01 

And that offer is so important to and if you have a really, really good offer that can make up for a lot of bad marketing. It's true, so if your offer is unique, it's a better price or better position in the marketplace, it answers all the objections, and, or nobody else is offering a guarantee like you are, if you've set all these pieces in place, doesn't matter if your sales page isn't, as is perfect pixel perfect with every little piece in place. People will go for that offer. Then you can work on improving the other aspects of it and fleshing it out, optimizing it and making it prettier. Todd Brown has a lot of good content on creating a great offer. He's got his E five method, which goes on the whole, the whole funnel and everything. He talks a lot about the importance of this offer, and he'll break it down into the different aspects of it. Those are the price one, but there's also those, like the guarantees, the risk reversal, that's all part of your offer? How are you compelling someone to move forward with you? Is it just I do websites, please hire me? Or is it? I'll make your website and I'll host it free for three months. If you don't like it, I'll give you double your money back. Something like that makes people pause and say, wait, wait, what now? And they want to hear the details and they're gonna say okay, I'd be willing to give that a shot. What do I have to lose? Make it easy for them to say yes.

Robert Peterson 27:30 

That's so good. Alex or Mozi. There's a similar offer building and he talks about it, making your offer so good. It'd be stupid for them to say No, exactly. You mentioned earlier about the idea of racing to the bottom on price. Obviously values is a big word for me, I want to add value to people. At the same time, it's recognizing the value in your services and the value in it. It's crazy how value is different from price. if you're offering value, you don't negotiate on price. The value is so much greater than the price that people don't question the price when they see the many people get caught up in price because we've been taught to be price shoppers, we price shop in the grocery store at the car dealer at the end. Yet in this space online value is so much more important, value stacking, you mentioned, making sure your offer has all the elements, and then you stack the value so high that all this seems like a really good deal. then at the same time, take away the risk with a guarantee. Then it's like you said it becomes a no brainer for people that are the right fit, you're talking their language, you're talking their pain and offering them a great solution. How do entrepreneurs raise their price because when you raise your price, you increase the value even if you're delivering the same exact service and then many people hear that and they go away but it doesn't make any sense. it's proven itself out.

Jeff Fulkerson 29:58 

There's a lot of things at play there, there's the perception of value, right versus the actual value that you're providing. You need to make sure that the perception of value is at least as high as the price that you're asking. In reality, I would say you want to try to make sure the value you are providing is as high as possible relative to what you're charging that people think they're getting, they feel they are getting so much value, because they really are. You're not a commodity in the sense, like at the grocery store, you got all these different kinds of pasta, and it's just Okay, which one's the cheapest. when it comes to the service that you're providing, whether that's online or in person, you need to differentiate, differentiate yourself, this is some of the stuff that we talked about earlier, niching down, figuring out what's unique about you, and what sets you apart, because once you do that, then they can't get what you're offering anywhere else, because they can't get you anywhere else whatever unique thing you're bringing to the table, whether it's your experience or the way you do things, your process, something that can't be replicated by anybody else. That value that you assigned to it is indisputable, There's nothing to compare to you. You're the only one that offers it. if the person wants the value you're offering, they will pay the price. 

Robert Peterson 31:15 

It's such a good recognition, if your service becomes a commodity, then you are competing on price, then you're no different than the other guy around the corner, the taco truck across the street, and you're competing on price with a little sign the little sign we're outside your windows, trying to differentiate yours from theirs. That's so so true. What is your unique element that makes it uniquely yours that no one else, no one else can match that you're the only one on the whole planet that can provide that?

Jeff Fulkerson 31:51 

Sometimes it's hard to answer that question on your own. Just because we're taught to be humble. we feel like we're thinking about ourselves as how we're special that makes us feel like we're prideful or not. There's a difference between pride and confidence, of course, but it might be helpful to talk to friends and family and ask them or past clients if I am good at what stood out to you, that makes me different. That can kind of help get your wheels turning. It can be a process to figure that out. you got to start that process sooner rather than later that you can actually start dialing that in, like you said, you figured out the smiling entrepreneur. That's a differentiator right now, people like working with someone that's happy and friendly. There's so many business people out there that are just cold and boring, or only talking about numbers. a lot of people don't like that now you might not appeal to someone on the other side who wants just, a boring strict numbers guy. I'm not saying you're not a numbers guy. What I'm saying is, there's people who want to work with someone friendly. Now you are that guy. 

Robert Peterson 32:56 

Exactly. Absolutely. There are other elements in my offers that make them unique. Of course, the focus, but they're also tied back to the idea of a smile. I want to help entrepreneurs rediscover joy in their business., and so it is an attitude game. The smile is a piece of that attitude, the mindset, and the smile is so powerful in the mindset. so absolutely. Those are elements that are all combined together, in making my offers unique to me. so, such great stuff. You mentioned having mentors and having a family. Let's talk about the power of mentors in your own journey.

Jeff Fulkerson 33:40 

It's so easy these days to be overwhelmed with information and advice, just because it's everywhere. People are posting it on their blogs, there's podcasts, there's books, and sometimes it conflicts, sometimes it corroborated with each other. So you can, it's really easy to have analysis paralysis, Where you're going through all the courses and reading the books and like, Okay, this guy says this, but that guy said, I should do it this way. at the end of the day, you can't do everything, you can't keep up with everyone's content you do need to find a couple people who have gone before you in terms of doing what you're doing what in your industry, or who have achieved some of the goals that you want to achieve, and stick with them? Because the answer is there are multiple paths to success. As it doesn't matter, this guy might say it a little differently from that guy, because they got there on slightly different paths. Don't get hung up on that, pick one and stick with it. that's going to get you a lot farther than trying to take all the information and then once I have a perfect plan in mind, I will execute. So I heard a long time ago. There's a question what's the difference between a million dollar idea and a million dollars, million dollar execution, Ideas are a dime a dozen. so if you find yourself holding on to ideas, like I've got this really great business idea, I can't tell anybody about it, I'm gonna be it's really special. I understand you, it's personal because you came up with it. People aren't so interested in stealing ideas, of course, but it's always better to start implementing and to work with people who can help you achieve those ideas and start executing rather than just keeping it to yourself or making it never come to fruition.

Robert Peterson 35:35 

At least in the spiritual realm, I believe, if you don't do something, or take action on the ideas that go to somebody else so it's not it's not unique to you. How many? How many times? Have you and your friends been watching their television commercials? Oh, that was wack. Of course, the difference between you and them is that they took action on it, and executed it., our, this, this mastermind piece around us this is, Napoleon Hill would call the, the radio communication of our minds with with Universal Intelligence, is it and that's where these ideas come from, and the creative source.if you don't honor them, if you don't take action on them, somebody else will. so there is no you this, there's no uniqueness. The truth is, if you're really good at executing, you're taking action on it, no one's gonna copy you, because they don't want to do work. They don't, and people hold back their idea out of fear that somebody else is going to steal it and execute it faster. They won't trust, just you've got to take action on it, you've got to go out there and do it encourage, if you've got an idea that you think is worth a million dollars, go out there and get it. Like, just start taking action towards the dream that you have inside of you about that being a million dollar idea.

Jeff Fulkerson 37:05 

Even if people do copy you. You've heard the term first mover advantage, If you're the original, that people will buy your version just because it is the original.

Robert Peterson 37:19 

If you're taking action, you're learning faster than they are. Always steps innovate faster. absolutely. That's so good. What's been the impact of being on podcasts and putting yourself out, sharing your story?

Jeff Fulkerson 37:40 

It's helped me just to better articulate what I'm trying to do with my mission.I briefly touched on it earlier, I want to rid the world of terrible websites. We've all had experiences with bad websites, whether they take forever to load, or there's so many pop ups that are getting in your way, when you're just trying to do a simple task. Or what's really bad is when you try to click on a link, and then something else loads, and the page shifts down right under your mouse, and you click the ad. Now you're angry at that company, their website was so bad, and it gave you a bad experience. Nobody wants that. I want to help entrepreneurs and business owners realize that they can do a few things to make their businesses better. I do like to share a few tips. I can give a couple here right now. Absolutely. popups are one of those things that they can be used but oftentimes, they are not if you have more than one pop up on a page, that's probably too many. If you pop up, in my opinion, it comes up right away, when you first land on the page. That's annoying, because usually people are going to the page, they have a reason in mind where they want to be there, right they're looking for something and when you shove that in front of their face, that's annoying. What I would recommend is two things. First, don't show it right away. Wait until maybe they've scrolled down a certain percentage of the page, maybe two thirds of the way down, or wait a couple of minutes to give them time to read the content on the page, and then show them the pop up. The second aspect of that is to make sure that whatever's in your pop up is providing value to that visitor, if you're just asking them for something, like sign up for our newsletter. At least ask for something in return. Sign up for our newsletter, and you'll get 20% off your first purchase of something like that, so that it gives them a reason to do it. You're providing value to them. They're not just going to be annoyed, they'll go, Okay, I'll do that. Instead of just feeling annoyed, that's an approach to pop ups that can help everybody. Another thing would be making sure your site loads reasonably quickly and making sure you have a good web host that is quick. make sure your website isn't too bogged down with large images and things that aren't optimized. There's plenty of tools online You can use to see how fast it loads and what areas can be improved. Have a webmaster, they should be able to, to work on those things and make it load faster. you have to remember that not everyone has a high speed internet connection. Maybe your prospects do, but a lot of times people don't know they might be roaming, they might be looking on their phone somewhere where the connection isn't that great. Or if they're in a coffee shop, that's usually bandwidth limited. so you want to make sure your site loads quickly, even on slower connections. people will leave, they go somewhere else, they judge you based on your website, how fast it comes up, how it looks. Then, let's see. Those are a couple things. Just remember that principle, people are gonna judge you based on your website, it's your first impression, take some time to make it look good, make it look decent, make sure people can see that you are professional. they also can see you're different. you're not just another cookie cutter template website out there. Those are easy to spot now, nowadays, because so many people use the free page builders or, just use a template, put a little thought into it, and it goes a long way. Al so rambling, if you let me but we can move on.

Robert Peterson 41:19 

So a couple I'll help you out here so we'll share that we'll share the rambling. Google just released a new, a new standard effective next year, and they're using the better ads standard. So this group is not just Google, a group of websites, and I don't know if you're familiar, have you ever heard of the better ads experience? I've heard of it? so the better ads experience, the very first thing it talks about his popups. it talks about, some of the other elements of, of specifically advertising in, in Google and in these spaces. Right.Google's goal in adopting this as a standard is to make the whole ad experience idea, the better ads experience is to get listened to the consumers, at least at a fair level, Ads are not going to go away. That's how the internet is paid for. Right. Right. So why not create an ad experience? That's at least on the positive side, for the consumers, The consumers are like, Okay, we, I can tolerate this. It's okay. We know, just like we know, ads aren't going away on television or radio, those ads have been there for years. they're going to continue to be there, as long as we're willing to keep watching. Although some of the streaming networks have found ways to offer ad free, and they're trying to balance membership versus versus advertising dollars. Google's income comes from advertising dollars. so they want consumers to be satisfied, but they recognize that the people paying for the ads are also their consumers. the banner ads experience, right away talks about popups, and how pop ups are the most annoying thing, based on consumer experience? I appreciate you mentioning pop ups and and the standards, are reasonable ideas. That's why Google's willing to adopt that idea for all of their ads starting next year. it will be more just requires advertisers to be more intentional, They don't want consumers don't want this in your face ad or ads, the click automatically or videos that play automatically. Some of those standards are just ways to force the advertisers to be more intentional about making our ad program so we don't piss all our consumers off.

Jeff Fulkerson 44:06 

So many ads are kind of it's almost short term thinking, You're just trying to get that quick win. As opposed to a longer term strategy where you are providing something of value to that customer. When when Google gives you their search result page, the ads are at the top, but they are relevant to your search it's still something that could be a helpful resource for you even though somebody paid to be in that position as long as you're providing value,that goes a long way in helping ease that experience. One of the things I mentioned about pop up since we're talking about them is when somebody acts out of it or hits cancel, you need to honor that request and don't show that pop up to them again on the next page. You have to wait at least a week before you show it to them again. There are ways to do that to remember to use cookies or whatever to tell. closed it but At least for that individual session, don't show it to them again. that gives a subtle signal to that customer, right that you listen to your customers. you should you've heard what they said, Okay, I've listened to you, you don't want to see the ad, I'm not gonna show it to you again, as opposed to just beating them over the head with it. then they realize, okay, you're just here for yourself, you don't actually want to help me?

Robert Peterson 45:21 

Especially for sites where you've purchased something or sites that you've done something and you're a regular, and you're logged in, and this pop up comes up, it's like I signed up for that yesterday. How do you not know that?

Jeff Fulkerson 45:35 

A little bit smarter.

Robert Peterson 45:38 

The technology exists to do that. That's the reason that cookies are so powerful is because they can help you to know, instead of using the cookies for evil, use the cookies for good. Delicious. it really is, obviously, cookies are a powerful tool. Most people have been typically using them in a selfish way rather than in a service way. If you can serve your customers, think about your website as a service tool, rather than as this vacuum cleaner to suck all the people in and take it, stick your hand in their pocket, every chance you get really is how can I add value? How can I serve them while they're here visiting my website? That's what's gonna make them want to come back and make it as convenient as possible. We don't think about customer service experience when we think about our websites, in a lot of cases, obviously, Amazon does. They want to make it as few clicks as possible for you to purchase. They want you to spend as little time on their website as possible, if that's what you're there for. I'm here to buy this piece for my lawnmower and click click, I'm out and done. when people build their website, they get caught up in all of the gadgets, gadgets and gizmos and don't really map out a customer journey. What is it? What does the customer have to go through? When they come onto the website? And we need to simplify it. Customers expect expediency and simplification. I don't know what people think about the customer journey when it comes to their website.

Jeff Fulkerson 47:24 

you're right.a lot of people don't, especially if they're building it themselves. It's easy to have fun with all the little widgets and fancy tools and say, oh, cool, I can put these sliders in. if you look at the statistics and things, if you've got eight slides and a slider, nobody's gonna see more than two, maybe three before they've scrolled down the page. so you're wasting a bunch of load time for all those images that are never going to be looked at. It's better to be intentional about, like you said, the customer journey, what are they there for? How can you serve them the most efficiently and help them get to where they want to go? Right away?

Robert Peterson 48:01 

When they click to buy, they don't have to click to buy and then oh, click here again, oh, and click here again, before they give you their name and address and credit card number there by then they're irritated and gone.

Jeff Fulkerson 48:14 

Also keep things consistent, if you send an email, say, go to my website to pay your invoice. Then you've changed where you have the button or you change the wording. It doesn't match what you had in the email, that's causing frustration. If you're going to change something, you need to change it everywhere. make sure that it actually lines up with what you're telling people,

Robert Peterson 48:35 

Then you have to remember where you put it everywhere.

Jeff Fulkerson 48:40 

It shouldn't be in an obvious place. If it's an important thing that's used often, that should be more visible than something that is less important that is less frequently used. it sounds dumb, saying it out loud. A lot of people don't think about that when they're taking their site there.I need a home page and a contact page, maybe a services page. There's no other thought involved in how this serves the customer. It's just information that they put on the site, I offer these products, here's my information.

Robert Peterson 49:10 

Then there really as a back end, you have the opportunity to use your website to better service your customers, like you said, here's a place to pay your invoice, here's a place to get customer information. if you bring those customers back into the same homepage as potential clients, really, it becomes a separate opportunity. you're bringing them into the same website and as a sales opportunity. It definitely can be confusing for your customers to have a different back end where they've logged into and can have a different customer experience versus sales experience that are definitely different tools that websites have the opportunity to provide.

Jeff Fulkerson 49:59 

You can have different Have landing pages for different campaigns that you're running if you're running ads on one platform, you can send them to one page. Versus if you're running radio ads, you can send them to a different page. That way, you can track your statistics differently, how effective the campaigns are, but you can customize the experience of that person, because you might be talking to a different potential. Whatever that target persona is, you can customize it to make sure you're speaking their language, like we talked about earlier, is that status alignment, you can immediately get on the same page, and they know they can trust you and that you'd understand them. so they're going to want to work with you.

Robert Peterson 50:33 

So Bob, with all the business success you've had with fibrosis, 2016, what's been your biggest challenge?

Jeff Fulkerson 50:42 

My biggest challenge is finding ways to make sure that I'm bringing my level of quality and my differentiation to my clients as I grow and scale and take on additional clients I want to make sure that what I'm promising I'm actually delivering because it's obviously, when I first started way back when and it was just me, okay, I knew what I can provide. As I grow my team, I intentionally do so in a careful manner, so that I have those in place, I have checks for quality and make sure that nothing gets missed, and that the experience is the same as if someone was just working with me one on one.

Robert Peterson 51:27 

Nice let's talk about the idea of hiring and scaling as an entrepreneur.

Jeff Fulkerson 51:36 

Not everyone wants to do that, which is fine you got to understand what your goals are, too okay, is this where I want to stay? Do I like being a freelancer? Or do I have ambitions to grow my business as larger to hire people, etc.for me, I've always known I wanted to have a larger business, to be able to serve more customers and get rid of more terrible websites, on a larger scale. it has involved in finding partners and contractors that I've met, and make sure that their level of quality of work is up to my standards, and that I can provide that service through them or with them on behalf of my clients, and still be comfortable putting my name on it I've got different teams for different services that bide I got an SEO team that's separate from my ads team. Over here, they're good at media buying. I've got a graphic designer. Each stage of the process should be done by different people, because that actually means I can provide even better service than I could have done on my own. I can do a little bit. I know SEO, I know how to build a website, I can optimize it. If I've got a graphic designer doing the website design, then I've got a copywriter working on the messaging on each page, I'm, I'm now giving you additional expertise at each phase of the process. so you're ending up with an even better result. so I'm kind of using that to my advantage. Obviously, we talked about price earlier, the value I'm providing for the price is going up. I'm able to serve more people too . That's kind of the goal. I want to be able to serve more people, provide great value, and expand my reach.

Robert Peterson 53:29 

So how important is your vision been in adding those team members to our partners and contractors?

Jeff Fulkerson 53:38 

It's helpful because it lets us all know where we're headed, right if we know what our goals are, and what we're trying to accomplish, then we can work on that independently and together. So when there's a doubt, that mission can help push us forward in the right direction. One of the other things I look for when I'm either hiring someone or finding a contractor, VA, whatever it is, I want to make sure they have a good attitude. skills can be trained. attitude you're most people are kind of stuck with that. It's a lot harder to change that, so I'd rather have someone with a good attitude who is trainable than someone who maybe has experience in that field but is terrible to work with.

Robert Peterson 54:21 

Is there a requirement?

Jeff Fulkerson 54:25 

No, all hairstyles are welcome. Those are always appreciated.

Robert Peterson 54:31 

 I don't quite qualify. I can't get you a wig if you'd like, Oh, hey, I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the team. I like it Jeff, what do you love to do in your free time?

Jeff Fulkerson 54:46 

 I've got three boys. I've got a six year old, three and a half year old and a one and a half year old. I like to spend time with them. do fun things. Expose them to all the fun, cool parts of the world, whether that's factory tours or amusement parks are all sorts of things out there, because there's just so much to learn and explore doing that with them is a lot of fun. what I like to do

Robert Peterson 55:08 

Nice, those are almost fun ages.

Jeff Fulkerson 55:14 

They're getting better. The younger ages are hard when you're losing sleep, but it's still fun.

Robert Peterson 55:20 

For me, it was losing sleep, and they can't tell me what's wrong. Once they're able to tell me what's wrong as they are, we can deal with this. Now,

Jeff Fulkerson 55:29 

That does help a lot. My three and a half year old sometimes has that problem.

Robert Peterson 55:37 

Kids can get it can be a blast, and definitely humbling. Humbling as much as they are gratifying.

Jeff Fulkerson 55:44 

Yes, it's a very educational experience in itself.

Robert Peterson 55:47 

I love that you want to show them factories and show them things that are happening in the world? Because that's what's gonna lead to them believing in themselves as entrepreneurs and believing in possibility rather than thinking that they have to just get stuck in a job someplace.

Jeff Fulkerson 56:04 

Exactly. Everything's out there.

Robert Peterson 56:08 

Nice. you've mentioned you want to rid the world of terrible websites. What's the big dream, Jeff?

Jeff Fulkerson 56:16 

You mean, for me personally, or for Frobro. For you personally? I would love to keep getting rid of terrible websites on a larger scale, with rover, and that's why I'm trying to grow the business, eventually, I'd want to even take on, places like GoDaddy, where it's kind of the default in a lot of people's minds, like, Oh, I'm going to start a business, I'll go get a GoDaddy Website. if I could replace that and kind of step in, I feel like I'd be able to be more meaningful partner for these new business owners to kind of help them along the way, instead of it being a self service, here you go, here's the cheapest possible domain with the cheapest possible terrible hosting, that's going to be really slow. we're not going to really help you. I'm sorry if somebody from GoDaddy is listening, but my experience has been with them over the years. So what I want to do is be more of a partner instead of just a commodity in that sense, like we talked about earlier, to help the businesses, not just create the website, but also use it to grow their business. That's what I'm aiming for. along the way, if I can use that to improve my own family's financial position to be able to take my kids on more global expeditions, and see the wonders of the world and keep exposing them to those types of things, even beyond my local area. That's what I'm going to keep doing. Nice.

Robert Peterson 57:41 

You spent the last hour or so chatting with all these entrepreneurs in our audience, and you want to leave them with Jeff's Words of Wisdom, what would you share?

Jeff Fulkerson 57:52 

I'd say get started, we talked about that it is good to get something out in the world. just remember that as you do that, it's not the last thing you have to put out, doesn't matter if it's not perfect, you can improve it is not a failure until you quit. It's just a learning experience along the way, set those goals, get out there, start working on them. don't be afraid to reach out to people like Robert, who can help you get those questions answered by one who's done this before and can help you avoid some of those pitfalls.

Robert Peterson 58:26 

Build a website

Jeff Fulkerson 58:28 

is important. and even if your first website is not perfect, get something up there. It's better to have one than not have one and then you can make it better over time. eventually you can hire me to help.

Robert Peterson 58:40 

Jeff, thank you so much for hanging out for sharing so much great wisdom and, and so many tools to help people really make shared some actionable advice that they can make changes on their website today I appreciate you sharing those things.

Jeff Fulkerson 58:57 

Thanks for having me, Robert. It was a lot of fun talking with you.