Jen Du Plessis

talks about being prepared for a recession, every entrepreneur will experience one even if the world isn’t. Your mess becomes your message and will create opportunities to share your story, to empower others and to increase your impact in the world. Jen is a great example of the power of designing your life and building your business to support it.

A little bit about Jen...

Jen Du Plessis is known as America’s Lifestyle Mentor and Business Performance Coach. People most attracted to Jen are high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs who are missing something. Through her masterminds she helps people increase the awareness of what’s possible to multiply their results in record time, while having the courage to say yes to their personal lives. She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and was listed in the
Top 200 of nationally ranked mortgage originators and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.
She is a 12X #1 Amazon best-selling author, host of two (2) top podcasts, Producer and Host of the Streaming Talk Show TELL ME I CAN’T. An expert in designing lifestyles that are fulfilling, Priority and Time Management, Business Relationships, Business Scaling, Sales Management, and a Certified
Mastermind Facilitator.
Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it, and it’s time to Design a Life of fulfillment!

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Jen’s e-Book-LAUNCH! How to Take Your Business to New Heights /62aht66igyx5ya6/LAUNCH_fv.pdf?dl=0

Jen’s Podcast- Mortgage Lending Mastery: /mortgage-lending-mastery/id954052959

Twitter: @JenDuPlessis 

Facebook: Jen Du Plessis 

Instagram: @jenduplessis 

LinkedIn: jenniferduplessis

Website: j e n d u p l e s s i s . c o m

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Jen Du Plessis
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