Jesse Smith

shares his personal growth journey and how he now wants to help creatives to find themselves and turn their passion into a successful business.

A little bit about Jesse...

Jesse is an established dancer, recording artist and entrepreneur. Getting his start in the entertainment world when he moved to L.A. in 2005 as a dancer with McDonald Selznick Associates. There he got an opportunity to work with artists like Justin Timberlake, Rhianna, Mario and more. Since then he has been using his talents to perform and speak all over the world on stages in front of over 100,000 people in his career.

Now Jesse continues to help creatives turn their passion into a thriving business that can make a positive impact on the world through his business My Creative District.

Through My Creative District, Jesse cofounded WorldWide Dance Challenge – An online Dance Show/Competition streamed in 125 countries where they bring dancers from around the world and all different styles to compete head to head live online in front of a live audience for a chance to be named the worlds best.

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