Joe Fier

shares the value of connecting and creating relationships that become affiliates, partners or create other revenue generating opportunities.

A little bit about Joe...

What do Malcolm Gladwell and Joe Fier have in common? They both define the ability to be a connector. You might know someone with the born talent to span many different worlds, subcultures, and niches. They might be lucky enough to have traits such as energy, insatiable curiosity, and a willingness to take chances.

Being the connector, Joe naturally claims the “hustle” title as co-host seat of the uber-popular Hustle and Flowchart podcast alongside longtime friend and business partner Matt Wolfe. The two complete each other with opposites attract chemistry resulting in an on-air style that’s comforting, conversational, and relatable.

At each crossroad of his career, Joe’s focus has been connecting the right message with the right audience. From raising money, creating communities, developing strategies to attract downloads and qualified eyeballs, or testing up-and-coming marketing, platforms, sub-markets, and systems, Joe’s positive influence pays off.

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Joe Fier
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