Joe Perrone

shares his journey from shop mechanic to shop owner to business development coach. Joe shares the value of hard work but working smart with your money and your time. He spent too many years in business believing that self care was selfish and he was supposed to do everything to make the business work. Growth comes when you let go and start taking care of yourself and designing the business around the life that you want

A little bit about Joe...

Joe Perrone is a strategist who helps business owners reclaim their time freedom. He believes that your business should run itself, it shouldn’t run you into the ground. Joe has been helping his clients find full enjoyment in everything that they create and do it without burning out. Joe—an entrepreneur himself—owns and operates two successful automotive repair shops. He does it on about 6 hours per week. Joe’s favorite way to invest his reclaimed time is by building strong relationships with his wife, his two young sons, his network and his friends.

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LinkedIn: /joeon34


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Joe Perrone
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