John Ramstead

has been successful as a Navy Combat Fighter, Tech Entrepreneur and after a near death experience he focuses on helping others become the best leaders they can be. He is inspirational and invites you to take action to be the best version of you.

A little bit about John...

John is a keynote speaker and trainer, former combat Navy fighter pilot, leadership coach and international podcast host. John was named by Inc. Magazine as one of “The Top 12 Podcasts Leaders Need to Listen To.” It is John’s purpose and joy to launch individuals, companies, and government organizations into their full potential.

John’s journey started when the U.S. Navy accepted him into flight school to become a Naval Aviator. The day he pinned on his Wings of Gold and received orders to fly the F-14 was the culmination of a dream he held since childhood. He went on to fly combat missions in Iraq and was selected to attend TOPGUN.

After his Navy career, John became an entrepreneur. He was part of three tech startups, was on a Fortune 500 management team, board chair on two non-profits he founded, and has held many other leadership positions.

John was at the peak of his professional career nine years ago when his dreams were shattered by a freak accident. 23 surgeries later and with his life hanging in the balance, John emerged with a profound vision for how to live a life of significance. Since then, he has coached and mentored hundreds of individuals and companies. His keynote speech “Become The Best Leader You Can Be” will teach and inspire you to stop holding back and take action TODAY!

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John Ramstead
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