Jonathan Darling

shares about leading with love and how he is impacting corporate environments when they start leading their people with love. He is inspired by community and believes we. humans, were never meant to face things alone. He wants to inspire others to take courageous action. 

A little bit about Jonathan...

From leading teams, developing new market channels and setting strategies for global organizations, Jonathan has developed a diverse skillset and background over the last 14 years that now allows him to work as a speaker/coach with organizations, universities and individuals on the power of Love-Centered Leadership, teaching how to empower individuals to lead, not from position or title, but from their heart by truly caring for those around them.  Jonathan does this by helping leaders and professionals focus on the Micro-Moments that can have a Massive Impact in the lives of others.

In his spare time, Jonathan is the host of The Jonathan Darling Podcast and loves writing, some of which have been featured in national and global magazines.  He is also the co-author to the Amazon Best-Selling Book, Living Kindly, and has even written a children’s book (coming out soon!).  

Jonathan is a graduate of Ball State University and has his MBA from Regent University and has his coaching certification through The John Maxwell Leadership Team.  He and his wife of 11 years have 3 children: Bryn, Blakely and Alex.

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Jonathan Darling
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