Karen Roberts

shares her gritty accidental entrepreneurial journey with Robert and Noelle. Like many others, she got it wrong more than she got it right, but kept moving forward and improving. It is important to say YES to things and then figure it out. 

The entrepreneurial journey is a crucible of personal growth and she learned that no one is teaching coaches and therapists how to go from giving away their services to attracting paying clients who love them.

A little bit about Karen...

Karen Roberts has spent her adult life being a coach, since 1993 she has worked within the fitness industry. She’s worked in London + around Europe as a qualified personal trainer + sports therapist, has run her own Fitness Studio in the Algarve for 8 years.

In 2016 Karen Roberts became an online coach for a high ticket affiliate company, helping people transition from being an employee to business owner, which was teaching them about creating a growth mindset. She learnt the process of selling high ticket coaching programs, without having a background in sales.

Now she has created her very own program aimed at coaches, consultants, therapists and healers who are great at giving, not so good at receiving and are struggling to get their income to 6 figures and beyond.

She says that there is so much training out there to become a coach, a personal trainer, a therapist, but…. how to attract clients, how to convert potential buyers into buyers seems to be missing.

This is a unique ‘ALL IN’ approach. She realizes that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ some need the whole program, others may need parts of the program, there are different options to suit different budgets. 

Karens focus is about the implementation, not just being in ‘learning mode’

The academy is mainly focused on ‘practice sessions’ and not just watching pre-recorded training videos on the what to do but more of a bespoke package with the opportunity to practice the skill sets needed.

Karen owns Mintwave radio and ‘Raising vibrations’ podcast network providing a platform for coaches to get their message heard, which will increase their sales.

Check out more of Karen

Website: karenrobertscoaching.com

Facebook: /karenrobertscoaching


Instagram: /karenroberts.tv/

LinkedIn: /in/karen-roberts-coaching/

Twitter: /krobertsfitness

Youtube: /UCJQVgHgHOYR4aYcvncxoA7w

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Karen Roberts
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson 0:48
Welcome to the add value to entrepreneurs podcast, the place where we help entrepreneurs to not hate their boss. Our mission is to end entrepreneurial unhappiness. If you dream of changing the world, but you're not sure where to start. The Add value entrepreneurs podcast will help you transform your life in business. This podcast is for entrepreneurs who want more freedom and fulfillment from their work so they can live the life that they desire. You deserve it, and it is possible. My name is Robert Peterson, Farmer passer turn CEO and the smiling coach. I believe that success without happiness is failing. But there is hope. Join us each week as we bring you an inspiring leader or message to help you. Thanks for investing time with us today. Today's guest has spent her adult life being a coach since 1993. She's worked in the fitness industry in London around Europe. As a qualified personal trainer and sports therapist. She's running her own fitness studio.

Noelle Peterson 1:51
In 2016, Karen Roberts became an online coach for high ticket affiliate company, helping people transition from being an employee to business owner, which was teaching them about creating a growth mindset. She learned the process of selling high ticket coaching programs without having a background in sales.

Robert Peterson 2:10
Now she's created her very own programming to coaches, consultants, therapists and healers who are great at giving, not so good at receiving and are struggling to get their income to six figures and beyond.

Noelle Peterson 2:21
Karen owns MIT wave radio and raising vibrations Podcast Network, providing a platform for coaches to get their message heard, which will increase their sales.

Robert Peterson 2:33
Karen Robert shares her greedy, accidental entrepreneurial journey with Robert and well, like many others, she got it wrong more than she got it right, but kept moving forward and improving. It's important to say yes to things and then figure it out.

Noelle Peterson 2:46
The entrepreneurial journey is a crucible of personal growth. And she learned that no one is teaching coaches and therapists how to go from giving away their services to attracting paying clients who love them.

Robert Peterson 2:58
If you're an entrepreneur who started their business with a purpose and a passion that has been lost in the busyness of the daily grind, we get it. That is why we've opened up our free strategy calls. A lot of entrepreneurs probably including you just want a sense of clarity on the barriers holding them back that you need to overcome in order to accelerate your growth and achieve your dreams. These short 30 Minute Calls give you a chance to work with one of our coaches without any commitment or pressure. Scheduling is easy, just go to smiling cole.com. Let's jump on a call and get you the help and clarity you need. Select a time and let's build your business. It's time for you to add value. Well Carrie, thank you so much for joining us today. We're excited to have this conversation. And just I just have to say I love your hair. Love your accent even though no one else has heard it yet. This is just gonna be a wonderful first recording of 2023

Unknown Speaker 3:58
where Hey, hey, yeah, well, I'm happy to be here. I can't believe it for with Christmas and New Year over the weekend. It's been a little bit odd. We had a bank holiday yesterday because as you can hear I'm in London. So we had an extra holiday yesterday. So yeah, today is day one really for us for the 2023

Noelle Peterson 4:20
Yep, same here. So let's

Robert Peterson 4:23
Alright, can we let our guests just share their own entrepreneurial journey and we use that as a kicking off point to to have our conversation.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
Okay, so Well, I suppose mine started. I suppose a little bit by accident, really. I mean, I've been in the fitness I was in the fitness industry for over 25 years. 27 years as a sports therapist, so wasn't around computers at all. You know, I spent my life in gyms or fitness studios. I had my own fitness studio in the Algarve for eight years. So I spent my life jumping around a studio really having fun to music, that was my life. And then in 2016, I gave up fitness because, quite frankly, I was tired, you know, I'm not getting any younger. And I thought, what can I do that I can continue doing? Right? So for me, the thought process was to go to be a speaker and sort of do motivational stuff because I suppose that that fitted with with my life, and I joined a coaching team for an online education company selling high ticket coaching programs and sales, for starters, was not my thing, you know, it was, I was never around it, I never needed it. You know, even working as a personal trainer, you know, I had my clients as a sports therapist, I worked in a health club, you know, I had clients ready there, I just didn't have any experience of that at all. And I suppose I just learned that there's a process to it. That's it very, very simple. But um, we don't know what we don't know, right. And then the company shut down. And I and it was literally it was instant. And I thought, oh, never again, will I put my faith in something that's outside of my control, I want to, I want to create my own thing. So I actually went back to the fitness world, I suppose I retrained in nutrition, and I thought, Oh, I'm gonna launch this new program online, I started the ketogenic diet and fasting for health, because obviously, you know, the health and wellness industry is what I, you know, been around all my adult life. And then, of course, locked down app. So I was just launching a career at the end of 2019. And, of course, as many people we had to transition. And really, for my own, I would say my own mental sanity. At the beginning of lockdown, I put on an online summit never done it before. And it was really for me to keep focused on it. But I loved it. I had 20 speakers, all coaches from the mental, physical, spiritual perspective. And I found that I'm nosy. I liked hearing people's stories as like, you just asked me How do you How did you get to where you are now? And why are you doing what you what you're doing? And, and then off the back of that I was asked to do a radio show the owner of Midway radio station. And again, I didn't know what I was doing. And I just said, Yes, of course, why not. And then again, what I found was that everybody I spoke to they were very passionate about what they were doing. And they genuinely wanted to help people. But many, were either struggling to get clients because they didn't have that sales background for a half, I can help here. And then secondly, I found that, you know, everybody was serving a different segment of society, they were all solving different problems. And they all had different tools and their toolboxes are all you know, how do people go and find the right coach for them? So we created a directory. And then as soon as that happened, the owner of Midway radio station asked me to do you want the station? I said, Well, yeah. So it has just naturally in evolved. Initially, it didn't start out as this as the big plan, but it just sort of through what has happened outside of our control. It's just sort of naturally evolved to where we are doing what we're doing now.

Robert Peterson 8:55
Alright, thanks. Fantastic. So So now you've got a coaching directory, you've got a radio station. So tell us who Who's your ideal client and and who's the niche that you're really trying to serve?

Unknown Speaker 9:09
Well, you know, and it's the quest question actually, because, yes, I would always teach that you know, have quite a, you know, a narrow niche. However, because this is evolved this way, I suppose our niche is coaches and consultants from the conventional to the more woowoo because my show is called a coffee with Karen, a cup of positivity with just a sprinkling of woowoo. Although I come from a very physical place, you know, teaching fitness, even the way I treated injuries was very physical, you know, through my journey, hearing other people and I've been in the well I can only class myself as a student of the cell development arena for the last 20 years, that side of things has always fascinated me anyway. And so I suppose that's where maybe a little bit more of the woowoo has come in. Even though I think it's all woowoo, we just dress it up as physical or mental. So, and it was really the idea behind the show was to sort of drip feed, because a lot of people if they're, I don't know, looking for an executive coach, and it's all very official, you know, it people may not have been put in front of some alternative thought processes. I think these days, the combination of the mental and the physical, I think is people have got that now, you know, there's so much talk these days, about mental health, you know, they're really pushing that now. But the one thing they're not, is the spiritual part of it. And we know that it's, it's all combined, right? You can't have one without the other. They're all connected. And, you know, everybody's got different beliefs. I'm not necessarily talking about religion, I'm just talking about spirituality in general, but they're all talking, I still believe they're all talking about the same thing. They've just got different labels for it. And, you know, each to their own. And so we just wanted to, I don't know, open people's eyes up to what is out there and what people are offering to, to help them because quite often, it's not there isn't a specific when I talk about a physical answer, I could mean, that could be like strategies and processes, if it's if it's related to business, but we know that there's more to it. It's the mindset part of it. And then of course, there is a spiritual part of it, you've got to be heart centered, you've got to be doing, what you what your purpose is, whatever you choose it to be what is truly connected to, you know, what you want to do. So yeah, are, I suppose our directory, what we're going for is, yeah, it doesn't matter whether you're more conventional. And it's very strategy strategy, or there's some healing of trauma and things that would help, because everybody has different needs. And, you know, even if they have the same goal, there could be lots of different ways to help them get there. That makes sense.

Robert Peterson 12:30
Of course. Alright, so you talked about your own personal development journey. So how did you develop the confidence to shift from dancing around the gym giving instructions to this online space now giving, giving instructions through zoom?

Unknown Speaker 12:52
I know what eight eight is a bit of an odd, a bit of an odd transition? I would say. And it's quite a different question. Most people would see me as being very confident, obviously, you know, I'll jump up on stage in front of hundreds of people, no problem. The moments, I knew there'd be a camera on me, I would totally fall apart, I still have an issue with photos, I don't know why I'll get I'll get up on stage and talk, I'll do video all day and talk. But in the beginning, oh, my goodness, because when I used to teach, we'd have to whatever modality I was teaching, there was learning something new, we'd have to send a video of me teaching in for it to be assessed, and I was actually a UK national assessor, for, for other instructors. And I would just fall apart. I just, you know, the moment I knew the cameras on me, I just obviously couldn't talk, or my words just wouldn't come out. But as we know, it's just something that you learn. And we all go through this learning process. And I can remember back, when I was sort of teaching all the fitness, when we would do the courses, they would talk about the, you know, you start or everybody starts off being unconsciously incompetent, they don't know what they don't know. Which is actually quite a blissful place to be until they become consciously incompetent, where they now know that, oh, maybe there's a little bit more to it. And some people would get scared and backtrack because of overwhelm. And then if people just realize that all they got to do is just keep going, keep practicing, not not watching videos or reading more books or going on more but actually doing getting it wrong, no problem, keep going, keep going. They become consciously competent. So now they're, they're sort of ready and they're doing their thing, but they're still having to really think about it and work about it and then We all want to be is unconsciously that we get it right unconsciously competent, well, we no longer have to even think about it. And it just you just get the job done. And we all want to just jump from one to four overnight, and we can't, you know, there is no, there is no cheat sheet for that, you know, we've got to go through the process. So I think for me, because I've gone through that so many times with different things that I've taught, I was very aware that I just needed to go through the process. So I think for me, it was a little bit easier going into the online space. You know, there was a lot to learn. And did I get it right first time? No, I still make mistakes now yet. But I think my past has helped what I'm doing now. Right? Because and it's a constantly changing landscape, right? You know, it's like, keep up. My daughter doesn't think I'm very fast with a lot of things. But, yeah, you've just got to, you've just got to keep going, you've got to keep going. And I suppose for me, when I did start with this online education company, that's really what I was trying to help people do was that transition from being an employee, where, you know, we're used to be just being told what to do. And I suppose I've never really been an employee, I was always self employed, I was always doing my, my thing. So that that was natural. And it was, I found it very interesting that some people struggle, because I suppose we all would like to have the whole process put in front of us and just do the things that we need to do. And I found it very fascinating. But you know, when people go into the online space, and they don't have anything in place, they're just sort of, you know, throwing mud at the wall hoping something will stick. Because they used to having a boss or the manager or whoever is their upline giving them set things to do every day. And they don't question it. They don't procrastinate about it. And they just get the job done. And then suddenly, they're working for themselves, which everybody says that's what they want. But they don't have that they've lost that accountability. They've lost the you know, the steps, the specific steps. And actually, they waste so much time doing nothing, or they're busy being busy, not getting anything done. And it's I've found the whole process just really, really fascinating.

Robert Peterson 17:52
You're leaning here, you're trying. Alright, so loved the title for your show. You mentioned coffee with care and a cup of positivity with a sprinkling of woowoo. So what led you to start your show?

Unknown Speaker 18:10
It was literally that we did. So it was back in I think it was in the mayor the first I don't know when you guys locked down over there. But in the UK, I think the madness started sort of in the February March. So I put on a summit in May. A common theme Well, it was called ladies take on the world or something. It was just something to try and uplift people because obviously, you know, things weren't great, right? So I had some fitness instructors, some people who did the more yoga and the more, you know, not really very woowoo but more on the spiritual side of things. And, and it just it just came for I did have the idea of a coffee with Karen, I think a few years before because I can remember remember a coach when when the company I was working for got shut down. I said something about they said oh, you should trademark that. I haven't I still haven't. But when it came up when I was just asked out of the blue because I put on the summit, somebody got in touch with me who won't meet my radio. And I've never I've never even considered it. But I've always said yes to things and then figure it out once then panic more like what have I done? What am I doing? But again, it's you know, yeah, in the beginning, it was it was tough to commit to a 60 minute show every week. And yeah, I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't have anything to sell. It wasn't for financial. It was I was thinking ahead thinking, well, if I just get in the process of doing it. Once I've figured out what I'm actually going to do, then I've already built a little bit of influence within an audience when I you know, make that decision. So it's sort of just sort of painful. that, and it was just a natural evolvement really?

Noelle Peterson 20:05
Nice. Yeah. Now you're, you have your, your, your show Koffee With Karan, but they're also leaving the MindWave organization and tell us a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 20:16
Well, so again, that just fell in my lap. Literally, we've not long launched my academy. So, you know, I was back coaching my own clients. And he I mean, you know, it wasn't a big station, right? Okay, it had been going for a few years, he only had about 10 shows. None of them have continued. So I've launched with totally new shows. But it just, it felt the right decision, because it sort of fitted in with literally 10 days previous to getting the well no a phone call message via Facebook saying, Do you want the station, I had announced during the live of my vision of creating a directory? Because I was saying like what, you know, we're not in competition, guys, like everyone's doing different things. Some are fitness coaches, some of these coaches, some are helping heal trauma from whatever. Like why don't we collaborate? Because what about the public coming to? How do they find the right coach for them? Because I just realized that that title, Coach, what is it mean? It was like, Well, yes, you're going to be helping somebody do something or you're helping somebody get some kind of transformation. But if everybody's doing different things, why not? Let's create something where even the public can come. And even if they think they were looking for one particular thing, they might be able to look and see well, oh, well, actually, oh, what shadow work or what's this? So? Well, I've never heard that all. But actually, maybe I need me need a bit of that. And so it was it just sort of came from that. So the idea of having the radio show, the radio station was like, well, this could be a platform for everybody to get their message heard, you know, to get their message out there so that they can find the right fit for them. So yeah, me and my big idea.

Noelle Peterson 22:24
Yeah, I think that's where the spirituality comes in. You say you say these things, and we we verbalize what we want and what we desire and what the passions are and with the ideas that come and the universe helps make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 22:35
100% and and funny you say that because I say, Well, I would say that I have got it wrong for the last 20 years. And I Filippo Why 20 Scobie more than 2020 years ago now, when I was in first introduced to the self development arena. I was involved with a an MLM nutritional supplements because I was in the fitness industry. I was rubbish. Because I couldn't sell anything. I wasn't very good at it, but I loved going to the once a month meetings, and it was unhealth and you'd listen to doctors or people have switched to more of a holistic arena. And I was fascinated in that. And of course, you know, they doing they do a lot with self development. A lot of these MLM companies they are very sort of driven with a self development. So I can remember going to one and the guy up on stage who was my upline suggested three books. And I thought, Okay, I'm going to, I'm going to do what he said. And one was thinking Grow Rich, like everybody's read. I mean, I've my book has been read and read and read and read, it's really in tatters because again, how do we learn spaced repetition? I have no idea you know, I've read it over and over and over. The second one was Psycho Cybernetics. And the third one was Who Moved My Cheese a tiny little book about two little mouse mice. Yeah, so those are the that was my introduction to the self development never heard of it before then nothing but what I got from that was always about thoughts your thinking and then from that I did a you were the you were born rich program Bob Proctor over a weekend with my upline and to this day I've still got the workbook and I'm sure my upline bless them wanted me to have my goal as being whatever it was diamond within the company back set my goal. And this is true story. That is my goal. I wrote down I wanted to own my own fitness studio. I wanted to own a house because I was still in rented and drive a four by four, seven why? Sorry, not very good for the environment anymore. But at that time, that's what I wrote down. Now, no word of a lie. That was 2000 Send. Oh God think that my daughter was born on that 2000 That was round about the year 2000. Now 2003 the end of 2003 We moved so still in the fitness industry just teaching everywhere. Me and my partner moved to the Algarve in Portugal. We've started to move abroad. No plan of starting our own fitness studio, we naively thought we'll just do what we do in London teaching different gyms Of course, it's a village in a very sunny place, not everyone's going to want to not enough work, right? So we thought, well, we'll have to start our own because it's not enough work here. And I'm, I've got a four year old and I'm seven months pregnant when we move and so I'm gonna blame Bob Proctor for that when he says burn the boats. Right we did. It was a one way ticket I was seven months pregnant is no turning back. And so at that time, Bob had that was 2003. So we knew that Bob was doing the film The Secret when it was going to be the original documentary,

Robert Peterson 26:06
we will be right back after this short break. This episode is sponsored by perfect publishing a different approach to publishing your book. Perfect publishing carefully chooses heroes of Hope, who exemplify living a life they created through faith, hope, patience, and persistence. No matter what page you open to in this mini cube of hope, you will find a leader with a big heart, you will see you are not alone. The authors may share similar challenges that only hope and action could resolve. Get your free ebook at get a dose of hope.com Welcome back, let's get back to more greatness.

Unknown Speaker 26:42
So we had because I was still listening to Bob, you know, back then it was cassette tapes. Yeah, in the car, probably on the way down listening. And one of the coaches, you know, call to obviously, now I know try to upsell me into the coaching program. And of course, now we're in a new country, no chance, no credit, no, nothing. But I said, all we have preordered the secret. And he gave me the best bit of advice I've ever received. He told me, there is so much depth to that film, watch it twice a day for a month. And at the time, I thought you're crazy. I've only watched Star Wars about 10 times not 13 or 16. But again, I thought well, you're where you're you are, we're where we are. Maybe we should listen to that advice. And we did. And to this day, I swear that we would not have had our own fitness studio if we hadn't taken that advice. So long story short, we ended up with our own fitness studio. We bought a house on the back of it. And I did get my we had we got a four by four we had a truck. I called it my monster truck, purely because the police said that we could no longer drive our English cars because we have a Portuguese business. And to get around it. That's why everybody drives these trucks because it was the only way to sort of get it through the business. So I got my and I only realized after and actually emailed my upline to say Look, I'm sorry, I didn't do very well in new ways. But it does work because I did get my goals. But let's talk about thoughts. Thoughts become things it's all about thinking and what I figured when I realized I started listening back to the power of now, Eckhart Tolle and I had probably bought that back then as well but I read it once and that's just again, proof that you don't get enough from it. So I listen to it day in day out day in day out and that was more actually no NSYNC so I would call it I would say to my people I'll go off in practice my unthinking as you can see, I talk a lot, right? So once I Zipit verbally and mentally that's when everything come up and that is no word of a lie. That is when the idea of directory came from after a period of I'm thinking and that for me now is I realized I was getting it wrong. Stop the thinking but be which is hard for me. Because

Noelle Peterson 29:39
you've got to be able to listen and yeah, I mean we have been we talked about active listening in relationships and couples and business and but there's also listening on your own when you're sitting and meditating and speaking of journaling and processing we got to listen and allow those thoughts to process and and come to us as They're meant to

Unknown Speaker 30:01
100%. And I honestly think that that is where things just went bum, bum, bum, bum bum, and everything aligned and everything happened so quickly. And it's the realization of it doesn't have to be so hard. We've been conditioned to, we've got to work hard. And I've got to think and I've got to do this. And I've got prep, and I've got to exhausting.

Robert Peterson 30:27
Well, and I think a lot of people and even some of the language you've used, makes it sound like it was luck, or just just fell into my lap versus federal about. But the truth is, you were you were not only unthinking, you were taking action, and you were in motion. And I think a lot of people are spending their time on thinking on the couch, waiting for our business to drop into their lap waiting for a client to fall into their lap, waiting for something else to happen. And you mentioned something earlier that I think is just so powerful. I say yes. And then I figure it out. And and that's, that's a real superpower that many people need to learn because they're hesitating, they're procrastinating. They're delaying decisions, rather than just saying yes, and figuring out and taking action. And, and learning as you go. Because you'll never learn until you start, no matter how good your plan is. I don't care if you're the world's best planner. Until you take action. You don't know whether it works or not.

Unknown Speaker 31:30
Absolutely, absolutely. And that I think that is exactly that. That is the lesson is just to take action, like I said earlier is you don't need to watch another video don't need to read another book don't need to go on and just do and keep doing. And and yeah, you're right. Is that? Yeah, I would say I'm a fart I take action I do. I will take massive action. Keep telling me what I need to do. And I'll just go and do it. But yes, what I found that yes, I think it's that having that I call it a dance, you just got a dance between the unthinking then the thinking then the doing, then go back to unthinking then think then do and sort of have this dance throughout your day? You know, not that I totally mastered it, you know, I can get caught up and in thinking mode. And then weirdly, the action that comes from that is never as productive. As if I had actually taken time to think then the action that comes after that seems to just happen that Is that making sense? It just I could otherwise I could waste I could occupies the whole day and ended up thinking what am I actually done today? Where are we totally? Yeah. Oh, totally,

Noelle Peterson 32:53
totally understand. And I think the thought that comes to mind is that there's a difference between what you're describing as I'm thinking, and those people who sit on the couch and not think

Unknown Speaker 33:05
yes, so tense behind it, isn't it? There is a specific intent behind it. But it is it's it's that connecting to whether you call it God universal source, whatever you choose to call it, it's all the same thing. But it is that kind of having that connection. And yeah, something you said earlier about the you've got to be you've got to learn to listen, you've got to be an active listener. And I think that's what it is. It's trying to stop that chitter chatter, the ego mind taking over and just listen. And then that's when the ideas come up. That's when and then when you go and open your computer and go about your day, all of a sudden, you know, I'd get things done in no time at all. Whereas I'm not I'm Oh, no, that's wrong, it will just flow. And so it's to me now you just think, oh man, we make life so hard on ourselves. Because we've been conditioned to use this ego mind. And actually, that's the mind is useful. Obviously we need to use the mind to do things. But however if we trust that inner voice, when we do come to use the mind, it works for us rather than it controlling us

Noelle Peterson 34:35
right off the campus and work together with it. Yeah. And then talking

Robert Peterson 34:39
about talking about that mind and that meditation and obviously exercise has been important to you. What are some routines for you that are daily routines that are non negotiables?

Unknown Speaker 34:50
I start my day you might think this is a little bit weird, right? I thought my day I'm into oil pulling. So I use coconut oil or oil put back 20 minutes I go back to bed. And I Opal while I'm sort of chilling as it were, clean my teeth and I, I will, if there's something I learned many years ago, I don't do it every day. Because I can get complacent like everybody else. And then I go back to it and realize why I should keep doing it. Tony Robbins, I don't know where I saw it. I can't even think what book but ask five questions. So one, what are you happy about in your life right now? Why? How's that make you feel? So I suppose it's all about building on the emotion. So then number two, what are you excited about? And why has that made you feel? What are you proud of? Then what are you grateful for? What do you enjoy most? So I don't know if I'm right, my perception of it is I suppose it's again, rather than the thinking. What I see from that process is really trying to get into the feeling place of it. So then each question builds on the next to actually. Because again, it's rather than it being a to do list. Oh, I've been through it. Really trying to build on those feelings. And then yeah, who do you love? Who loves me? Think about that, find that feeling place. And then and then go about your goal. So I have only recently, just before, just before Christmas actually got a I've never been one to journal. But I do now do sort of rewrite out my goals. Rewrite out my goals. And weirdly, isn't that the secret in thinking Grow Rich? Some bit of a slow learner.

Robert Peterson 37:10
Whilst most of us are

Unknown Speaker 37:13
taking me a while to get that bit, I've heard it over the time. But they say this is this. This is the thing, isn't it? Between the difference between knowing something and doing it? I've heard it over and over. Yeah, yeah, juggling yet. Yeah, but I wasn't doing it.

Noelle Peterson 37:29
Well, and that's entrepreneurship, we hear it, we hear it, we hear it, we listen, we read the books. And until we actually absorb it and put it into our fingers. Does it actually do anything?

Unknown Speaker 37:41
No. I mean, but it's crazy, isn't it? Isn't it crazy? I mean, it's just like, I suppose Well, look, here we are. People have got you know, what's your New Year's resolution? Have you got them written down? No. Well, how many times have you heard write your goals down? You've heard it 1000 times? Where are they written down? So now I do.

Noelle Peterson 38:04
You got to remember, I'm in process I'm in remind yourself and your subconscious and the universe that this is what we're working for.

Unknown Speaker 38:12
And it makes so much sense, isn't it? Because I mean, you know, I don't know the number, right? So I'm plucking a number out of the ether. Right? Because I think I've heard it somewhere it could be so far off, but 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day, it could be five times 10 times or whatever. But it is a number it's a lot, right? So it makes sense that just because you think about your goals once that's gonna happen, because they've just been put out by the other thoughts that you've had for the rest of the day, have all the doubts and worries and oh, goodness, I'm never gonna do this, this isn't ever gonna work. They've just been canceled out. So you know, even without it being woowoo just looking at it logically out of all the thoughts you have in a day, it would make sense that you want to take some time out to focus on the thoughts that you want to happen, as opposed to most people. And again, I'm not saying I don't do it, because I do. We've been conditioned to actually spend more time thinking about the things that maybe aren't going so well or, you know, and it's just, you know, you just think why isn't this taught in schools? Why aren't these children learning this from from birth and eat it because it's such a shame because it's, again, it's easy when you know how but it's only easy when you do it.

Robert Peterson 39:43
Right. So you mentioned obviously Richard a few. Bob Proctor Tony Robbins Eckhart Tolle. These are mentors that you've had through books through through online And yeah, how mentors directed your growth process and your success in business?

Unknown Speaker 40:08
Oh, massively. I mean, I just, I believe that every coach needs a coach, everyone and if your coach doesn't have a coach then get another go. Because we never gonna get it. Oh, and I mean I can't I listen, I'm, I'm late. I'm a little bit lazy in some aspects. I don't really read books anymore because of the power of tech. I have audible so I listen and Eckhart Tolle has got such an amazing, calming lovely voice. So I it's so easy to listen to him every day. So I want to be like Eckhart is just so chilled. Oh, relaxed, so got itself. So yeah, massively. I've had many coaches throughout the years. And I've learnt and progressed from every single one, there's no, I've not had one. Bad coach, I've not had one coach that I haven't learned or grown from. So yeah, massive, any any? Any Oh, of course, Joe Dispenza, I would say now I listen to a lot of Joe, he seems to be bringing the again, I suppose is the, you know, same thing that I've been trying to do is the drip feed in the woowoo, he's sort of seems to be bringing the physical tech, or physical scientific part of it to the more woowoo to try and try and prove, I suppose to the skeptics that this works. And I just see that, as you know, that hopefully, people can look that and see it as living proof because he's testing the whole energy in a room so that you can see, so that, you know, it's so funny that we've again, been conditioned, and as obviously more more so people who aren't religious then because they don't have that interface. It's like they want proof, they want to see that something's happening. And maybe, you know, rightly or wrongly, you know, some people are coming into the arena and doing that, so that they do have a good proof. Because, yeah, you believe it, when you see it well. The way robots, whatever works, whatever, whatever it takes to change your mindset, then that's gonna be a good thing. But that's how I see. That's how I see things that have changed. You know, over the years,

Robert Peterson 43:01
that's definitely fun to see the science coming along. And, and telling us that, you know, when Napoleon Hill talks about the brain being a sending and receiving unit, that now science can actually see elements of that, and, and so confirming, you know, stuff that's 100 Read was written 100 years ago, with a different explanation. But now science is saying, Look, this is this is really what is happening. So powerful. Yeah.

Noelle Peterson 43:27
Yeah. And I think there's some research and stuff that's happening recently, we've had a couple of conversations on focusing on the left side of the brand, and we talked about systems and what you need to do and the To Do lists and the tasks and the productivity. But the heart also needs to be involved. We need that buy in, and we need to have the understanding, we need to feel like it's our baby. And there's a lot of thought, I mean, it's just cohesive if you were to think about the left and the right side of the brain and coaching on both aspects.

Unknown Speaker 44:01
100% And I think, again, that's where, you know, maybe you have got things wrong in the past because it has been levering up. You know, I've got to do this, I've got to you know, right now, I feel so much more imbalanced things don't take so long. Because it is that cart combining that you know, again, it's it's it's weird, isn't it? Because we have been conditioned through school to do things in this way because they can't see because it's just a feeling that they don't trust. So that's how we've been conditioned but and I suppose the only way to prove because I don't have any tech in my house that can measure the energy like dough can, but I suppose the only way is through experiencing so I know Oh, because I've tried it one way. And I've tried it another way and I which way works? Right? I know now. So I think for anybody going through that journey, the only way they're going to learn is through experiencing it.

Robert Peterson 45:15
Well, there's an element of faith and belief that has to has to play into it, it's really the belief what you believe about yourself, the stories that you tell yourself, that that really impacts the impact that you have in the world. And so really, you know, where your focus goes, your energy flows in so many people are stuck focusing on what they don't have, and the negative emotions and the negative feelings. And we're not taught to experience and get focused on these positive things, like the five questions you're asking yourself, really do help you focus on the feelings on the positive side on the gratitude and, and the things that you have, and the direction that you're heading, rather than getting caught up in so much ruminating about the past?

Unknown Speaker 46:03
Absolutely. And, and even when you're nowhere, you know, you know, I know this stuff, but do I slip? Yes, I slipped some of the time. You know, it's an ongoing journey, I have to, you know, give us a bit of a talking to come on, Karen get anything, any, because we get complacent, you know, things can be starting to roll and then now it's all smooth, and then I get complacent. And you know, I can get a bit lazy with certain things and, and then all of a sudden, I'm drifting. And I find myself getting back into these because we're, you know, we will go back to our habitual ways of being. And if, but, but I don't stay there for long. So it's this on a ongoing thing to just get our Come on, get back to it. And then it's easier, but I suppose you don't We don't know what we don't know. And unless I had gone to that meeting, which was 4040 minutes, an hour and a half away, probably was West London. To hear, you know, the guy mentioned these books, what's this? I've never even heard about it. But you know, unless people have introduced this to them, why would they know? Because it's not taught in schools. And that's why I think it's so important that, you know, there are so many coaches out there that are, you know, sharing this and, and encouraging people to read and like you say, I mean, how old is that book? Did you say around you though? Crazy. Crazy. So

Noelle Peterson 47:41
with all the success you've had, what's your biggest challenge?

Unknown Speaker 47:46
Oh, biggest challenge right now my biggest challenge? Do you know what there's a little bit of I never understood this before. Because I can understand the fear of failure, the fear of success of only talking about one to be just ridiculous. But I do get it My biggest challenge now is, I suppose getting just making sure we can actually keep up. Like with fulfillment, even like with the radio radio show, I was because I had experienced when this company got shut down, the reason got shut down, was they couldn't keep up with fulfillment. And then you're going to upset people. And it's you've got to be careful how you do things. So even with the radio show only start with would only take on 20. Because we've got to make sure you know, we've got a lot of things that we need to do behind the scenes to make sure it's all right. And, and it's knowing when to go to that next level, right. It's like a car, I've got my I've got one full time VA, we've got to make sure that we can cope with the work because we don't want to let anybody down. And so you're just trying to grow with it. So it's that yeah, knowing, you know, are you going for the next step too soon? Are you gonna, you know, it's trying to keep that balance because, you know, you've got your clients you've got, you've got to keep up with so much, but you still want to grow. So, yeah, it's sort of balancing that now is building my team and at the right pace with different

Robert Peterson 49:31
different dance. Absolutely. All right. The different though, we end every episode with just our guests sharing their words of wisdom to our entrepreneurial audience. So what are Karen's words of wisdom?

Unknown Speaker 49:44
What wisdom? My Words of Wisdom will be? take that first step. take that first step if it scares you, good boasted. Try and get and just take action. But don't try and do it by yourself. I mean, I, if I think back now, you know, I know it's difficult for some, you know, depending on what sort of circumstance you're in, we all think we can do it by ourselves. I'm going to be and because I suppose I've always been self employed everything, always just something different, obviously. But if you want to go the hard way, yeah, go by yourself, you're gonna make tons of mistakes. Yeah, you're gonna get wrong, you're gonna lose money here, there and everywhere. The quick route would be take on a coach, because they've been there before they can guide you through it not that a coach is necessarily there to tell you exactly what you do got to still figure it out yourself. But there will be it's, it's gonna take you less time. So it's gonna save you money. Because people still think of it again. It's a mindset switch, isn't it? People think, Oh, I've got to invest in this but you're investing in yourself you're not investing in that you're investing in you and that's the that's the best thing you can invest in is to invest in yourself and get the right coach for you. That's going to take you from where you want to be to where you want to go. It doesn't have to be a lonely place. And I think especially coming out a lockdown who wants to do it by themselves anyway stuck behind their computers much more fun doing it with somebody else?

Robert Peterson 51:35

Noelle Peterson 51:37
There's so much value in collaborating and working with two minds instead of one. It's so much more.

Unknown Speaker 51:42
I mean, see you to a puppet see because the way I see it when I see couples work it up just think oh, that's brilliant because one on one doesn't equal to one on one equals five because everybody brings different things to the table you know Yeah, that's the that's what I need. That's what I need to manifest I need to manifest a partner that into what I I mean so much to join me on my journey because you know, when you do do it by yourself, I do it by myself. You know, I'm little I'm a little bit all over the I can be a little bit all over the place. I can be a little bit scatty. I had the big ideas, but you know, I need that balance.

Robert Peterson 52:25
Nice. I think you're I think you've already started manifesting it. Yeah.

Noelle Peterson 52:31
Thank you so much, Karen, for joining us today. It's been a pleasure listening to your story.

Unknown Speaker 52:36
Thank you for having me. Oh, Happy

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