Kellan Fluckiger

and Robert learn about his incredible journey of survival, he survived corporate super success and a drug habit. After spending years destroying himself and his relationships Kellan shifted his thinking, found new relationships and a new desire to help people discover the power of love and the power to add good to the world. Kellan now uses his experiences and gifts to inspire good in the world and help others do the same.

A little bit about Kellan...

Kellan has lived multiple lives and careers. He had a 30-year career in energy, including C-suite positions in the US and Canada. This led him to testify before the US congress and have a contract with the Queen of England.  

He has a 15-year career as a Life and Business coach and is known as the “Alchemist of the Soul.” He battled depression for 35 years before discovering complete liberation in 2007. He is the author of 18 books and counting and speaks regularly at summits and on stages around the world.  

Kellan shares frameworks and tools to help clients melt barriers, move mountains, and mobilize superpowers to get what they most desire.  

He performed in a group that had three albums chart #1 on the Billboard charts. He still writes, records and performs songs that are part of his commitment to help 10 million people discover, develop and serve with their divine gifts. 

Most of all, Kellan is a lover of people. He calls coaching the “People Encouragement Business,” and the “Dream Delivery Laboratory.”

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Kellan Fluckiger
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson  0:30  

I'm pretty excited for today's guest Kellan Fluckiger. Kellan has lived multiple lives and careers. He had a 30 year career in energy including C suite positions in the US and Canada. This led him to testify before the US Congress and have a contract with the Queen of England. He has a 15 year career as a life and business coach and is known as the Alchemist of the soul. He battled depression for 35 years before discovering complete liberation in 2007. He's the author of 18 books and counting and speaks regularly at summits and on stages around the world. Most of all, Kellan is a lover of people. He calls coaching the people encouragement business, and the dream delivery laboratory. Kellan Fluckiger and Robert learn about his incredible journey of survival. He survived corporate super success and a drug habit and after spending years destroying himself and his relationships, killing shifted his thinking found new relationships and a new desire to help people discover the power of love and the power to add good to the world. Kellan now uses his experiences and gifts to inspire good in the world and helps others to do the same. Kellan, thank you so much for coming on the show today. Looking forward to a great conversation.

Kellan Fluckiger  2:14  

Delightful to be here with you, Robert. Thank you for having me. 

Robert Peterson  2:18  

My guests typically share their own entrepreneurial journey. I know you jumped from corporate success into working for yourself. I'd love to share that journey with the audience.

Kellan Fluckiger  2:30  

I'd love to do that, too. You want me to just jump in there? Sure, cool. My entrepreneurial journey didn't start with the transfer transition you're talking about, I owned a recording studio

Kellan Fluckiger  2:45  

for many years as a parallel entrepreneurial thing. I did that because I love music. I've been involved in music and musical production, and blah, blah, blah for a long time. From 1982 to 1995, about 13 years,

Kellan Fluckiger  3:03  

I've run a recording studio on the side while I did other work. The work that I did, the corporate work was in the same line as I eventually became an executive and everything else in 1990, a little bit before 95. Actually, I shut down the studio, it was sort of a traumatic decision that impacted a lot of areas of my life. That's a whole story about struggle with worthiness and depression and frustration that a lot of entrepreneurs go through. I started the recording studio because I wanted to record my music. I wanted other people to pay for the gear. I would buy gear, because I had a pretty decent job at the time. Then I started advertising as a recording studio in Phoenix. Pretty soon I became the go to studio for a certain type of thing. I'm a

Kellan Fluckiger  4:01  

really good pianist and an arranger and composer and stuff like that. People would come to me who were singer songwriters that wanted help, finishing their album. I owned a whole bunch of synthesizers, drum machines and had a studio all set up so that someone could come in and I could help them and they could do whatever they do, sing, play guitar, something something and we could finish their whole album and I did lots of albums. Sometimes EPS 123 songs and sometimes full blown albums for people and I love doing that. I have production credits on a lot of albums over the years and then at the same time I was able to do my music and I released two three albums during that time period. Three during that time, and that was my first big thing and it was successful. I ended up with some work for a&m Records, which is a big Hollywood label and they came to the studio and we did some work. I say that just to say, I was successful. At the end of that time, I ended up closing the studio. It was a very traumatic thing, and I closed it for a warped reason. This goes right to the heart of something a lot of entrepreneurs deal with, and that was this. When are you going to get a real job? When are you going to get a real job and do something that's real and matters. Now, in this case, my mom was the instigator. She knew that I was successful, she knew that I was a good musician. She knew that studios were doing well, she had a view of musicians and music, that it was an evil thing. That all the musicians were bad people and I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the birth of not the birth, the early years of rock and roll, hippies, drugs and everything else. She was certain that anyone that was a musician or had anything to do with that industry in real life would be a loser. The funny thing is, she taught me piano and taught us all music. I was supposed to only use it for community service and in the church, for church workers, that kind of stuff. It was a really sad thing. I had struggled. My upbringing with her in the religious context was pretty rough. A lot of discipline that today would be child abuse, felony child abuse. It left me feeling I wasn't good enough, even though I was successful in the one job that I had. When I was successful in this thing, I knew how to create that. It was always under the cloud of somebody else's opinion. One of the things that entrepreneurs I hear now as a coach struggle with is that when you're going to get a real job, and it doesn't matter, you won't make it, you can't do this, and all of the rest of the crap. It is crap that people tell you. Now, there are some rules, some good practices, some smart things, and some dumb things that you can do to make a business successful. We'll probably get to those later. One of the biggest ones is to make a choice about who you want to be if you want to be a person who

Kellan Fluckiger  7:14  

does what they love to do, and makes a choice about how they're going to add good to the world and add value to the world because money follows value, then you just need to do that. The idea that entrepreneurs are somehow carefree and can run around and have complete control of their time and make all this kind of money is mostly nonsense. Entrepreneurs work generally harder than anyone I ever did with a job. Be in for a lot of work and the trade you're making isn't. You can drive a Lamborghini and be rich, although that is sometimes the case. You get to do the thing that you choose to do, you get to explore and develop your own gifts and talents. That ability to explore your gifts and talents and add value to the world the way you choose. Depending on your mindset and view is priceless, I'm gonna call from it. I muted the microphone, so not no one else had to participate anyway. It went on. At the time, I had to close it, I had to make a choice. The bottom line, the studio was so successful that I literally was working 16 hours a day at one and eight at the other and I had to make a choice. Unfortunately, I chose to close the studio. I say unfortunately, because I became very successful at the job. I launched into an international career, I had big positions in the United States and in Canada. I made a lot of money. I had big positions that started with seeing something or other, the C suite chief, this, that and the other. It was a disaster for me because I was struggling inside with trying to impress my mom, complete self sabotage and depression which I struggled with since leaving home. I continually created big success and then sabotaged it. If you're interested in all the details, one of the books that I wrote later is called tightrope of depression. My journey from darkness, despair and death to light love and life. Now that career went on from 1990 before 1995 When I closed the studio to 2007 about 1213 more years and was very successful outwardly Big Deal Big Dog blah, blah. Inside I was a wreck and that recklessness inside manifested itself in a lot of dysfunctional behavior. I burned through several relationships. I had drug problems, I was in and out of rehab, all kinds of stuff secretly and behind the scenes. Nobody knew it except For me, I dealt with it, I somehow was able to function and still make all that money. It all came sort of crashing to the ground in 2007, not because I got caught or I got to jail or anything like that, although I probably should have, not because of those things. I had another invitation, a divine intervention, I call it to change my life, and to get back to doing things that really mattered. The intervention story is quite dramatic, and launched me on my current career. Before I tell that, Robert, I have to ask you, is that a good idea to tell that story?

Robert Peterson  10:41  

Absolutely. I think it leads to the explanation of your worthiness and your depression and dealing with those things.

Kellan Fluckiger  10:50  

I thought it would be but I just wanted to check. In 2007, at the height of my career, I was making so much money that my $3,000 a week cocaine habit didn't matter. I was divorced for the third time. I had four kids living with me. Of my 10 kids, three were grown up and married. I had four living with me, they were all teenagers and three were, it's embarrassing to say it but with one of the exes. I came home on a Friday night in August of 2007 from work and was getting ready to go out to a party for the weekend. Before I went out, I suddenly had this urge to turn on the television. Now that sounds like, so what, except I didn't watch TV. I was stressed by the fact that I picked up the remote control and I didn't know how to turn it on. I'd had the guys from the local electronics store command me, put the biggest stuff in you could buy. All cool, because that's what you buy. I didn't know how to turn it on. I asked one of my kids, my 16 year old daughter, she punched some buttons and threw the remote at me. It landed on a program titled intervention. Now for those of you that don’t know, that's a reality TV show. It's about people who stage interventions for busted loved ones. I'd never heard of it. I'd never seen it. I didn't I literally didn't watch TV. I watched about 10 minutes and the protagonist was a high ranking executive with a cocaine problem. I thought, Okay, this sucks. I'm not watching this. I turned it off. I went and did some stuff around the house, and then got ready to go. For some reason, I felt compelled to turn on the TV again. This time, I knew how I turned the TV on and that program started over. No, I don't have a DVR recording device. No, it wasn't on the schedule. No, it can't do that. But it did. I thought, okay, I guess I better watch this. I watched it. It went badly. The guy yelled at his family, got mad at them for trying to help and stomped out of the intervention.

Robert Peterson  13:07  

pretty sure that's how almost every single one of those episodes go.

Kellan Fluckiger  13:10  

I've never seen another one. I've never seen it before. I've never seen it since I watched that episode. I turned the TV off. Instead of going out to a party, I went to bed to freak myself out. I went to bed. When I went to bed, I went to hell. What I mean by that as I went somewhere, it felt like I was out of body in a big theater, it was dark, I could hear voices, there was stuff going on the stage and the things that were going on on the stage were all scenes from my life slowly and it was all focused on suffering. The suffering that had been inflicted on me as a kid with all the brutal discipline up through the suffering I had inflicted on everybody else is an addict and a failed partner in marriage in general, all around, lousy person. After a very long time, a voice said it is enough. I woke up. The sun was shining in the window. The bedroom was weird because the windows faced west. I got up and realized it was five o'clock Saturday afternoon. I'd been somewhere for nearly 18 hours. I got up and realized, Okay, I've been invited to change. I have no idea of what to do or how to do this. I had never talked to anyone in my life, about my inner workings and my struggles. This is another point for your entrepreneurial audience. The idea that you have to do it yourself is stupid. I'm being direct and blunt. It's stupid. Thinking that that's somehow a sign of intelligence is wrong. It's the opposite. Thinking that you're going to claw your way individually to any place may not be possible, but it's the slow and difficult way. You get no extra brownie points. I hadn't and I just realized, Okay, I've got to change. I didn't know what to do or how to start. I knew I was done with this other. I threw away all the illicit substances, I still had probably $1,000 worth of stuff laying around it, threw it away and quit cold turkey straight up one day, 3000 bucks a week to zero. That was it. That got me sober. It didn't solve the problem that got me there, which was the depression and the self loathing and the sabotage and everything else. That happened two weeks later, another invitation, in two weeks, and one of the things I got because of the position I had was, I used to get all kinds of free stuff. I made decisions that mattered to people. People gave me free tickets to this and free expensive bottles of booze, like I needed more of that. One of the things I got was a free pair of tickets to see Yo Yo Ma. Now if you know classical music, you know who that is. If you don't, you don't, but in the classical world, that's as good as it gets. He's a cellist. He's the best in the world by 100 miles. I had these two tickets, and I thought it would be a shame to waste this other ticket. I was single, and I have two tickets. I asked him, the groups that I managed, who likes classical music? Some lady in one of the groups said, will I do it? Okay, cool. I've ever given you anything before? I gave stuff away all the time. She said, No. I said, Okay, fine. See you there. I gave you the ticket. We met at the venue, the concert was spectacular. Halfway through. You got to know, right now I'm now two weeks stone, cold, sober. Halfway through the concert, the feeling that I recognized him two weeks before came back and the voice said to me, you need to marry this woman. I said, you're insane. I said, I've screwed that up three times, officially and some other horrific messes in between. That's not happening. Later that night, we were backstage because there were also backstage passes. We're back there at the reception and everything and the voice came back said, Yeah, come on you need to tell her tonight. I said, first of all, she can have me arrested for harassment. She works in one of my groups. Second of all, I don't even know if she has a boyfriend. Thank you very much. This is madness. You don't win those arguments. I didn't, what about you would have expected? Are you an idiot? What are you talking about? Are you crazy? What is this, she did not call the cops, which was the good news. Within two weeks.

Kellan Fluckiger  17:53  

She had her own set of experiences, and she quit her long career that she'd had. I walked away from millions of dollars of contracts. We started out on a life journey together, which has become our entrepreneurial endeavor. Six months ago, we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. Now, the reason that's important is several reasons. It's an incredible love story, etc, etc. We didn't even know each other. That was she was literally the angel that was sent to help me learn how to be a person. Learn how to tell the truth, how to have a friend, how to be a friend, how to go find somebody to talk to, she found the counselors, she just said, we're gonna fix this. We did and she did. We spent the first three or four years getting to know each other and everything else. Today she is my business partner. She is an invincible part of my work, and business. The other reason that that story is so important is not only to talk to people, get the help you need as an entrepreneur. For me, I was thick headed, I was slow. I needed some two by fours. That came in the form of these two incredible impossible events. Please note, they were still invitations. The normal response to the first one would have been to ignore it and go party or whatever, and then wonder if the second one would have been impossible. This can't be happening. No, no, no. But I said yes. To my great blessing, she said yes to her invitation. Now, getting help isn't always that dramatic. In building the business I have now and I'll tell you what that is in a bit. Her help hiring many coaches that I've had through the years has the only reason I've succeeded. You don't do this by yourself and you certainly don't do it. a world class level today with the coaching I have received and do receive, and the dedication that has come from a refocus, I realized I was invited to do something besides ruin my life and others. I have become a very successful coach. After that dramatic event, I walked away from the industry I was in and I said, What do I know how to do? I thought, I've been helping people do hard things they didn't believe they could do. I think that's coaching. I thought I would explore that. I went and explored some coaching, got some certifications and stuff. The real thing is the commitment to add good to the world. This is the third thing I want to give your entrepreneurial audience. Number three, add good to the world. Money Follows value, if you want to make money, figure out a way to create real value, and to add good to the world. What I mean by that is, we all add something every minute, we're alive, besides carbon dioxide from breathing, our attitude, our intention, our focus, the way we interact with every single person from the store clerk to the cab driver to clients, it adds something to the world, my challenge to you, and a key for success is make a conscious choice. When everything you do adds good to the world.

Robert Peterson  21:24  

Now you're speaking my language.

Kellan Fluckiger  21:28  

That is a foundational driver, add good to the world, if you make a choice to do that. You say I'm gonna do that, and I'm gonna figure out how to create value, then all that's the hard part, the easy part is, what packaging should I use? What kind of products should I create? Whether they're digital products or physical products, those are easy if your engine is I'm going to add good to the world, no matter how I do this. I'm committed to do that. I'm going to figure out a way to create real value for people in some area, then creating a business is not difficult. When I help people understand their business proposition, their business value proposition, I asked two questions. Number one is there money flowing in the vertical? The vertical is the area that you work in. Healthcare is a vertical, there's 100, small verticals inside that and entertainment is a vertical, there's film, there's photography, and there's music. Question number one is, Are people spending money for what you offer, people are already exchanging money for services for the things they want in the market. If money is moving in your vertical, then there's an opportunity. The fact that there's a million people already in that vertical, or that you're thinking, why am I any different? Or I've got nothing? All that stuff doesn't matter? We're going to solve that in part two. What matters is: Is there money moving in the vertical? If there is, you're good. Part two is what is your superpower? When that is, in the vertical, you've chosen operating? Why would someone buy yours as opposed to somebody else's? What really would be a real reason that somebody would say, oh, I want that one. Before you dismiss that as nonsense, we go to the store all the time. We pay more money, because something is a certain brand, or it's endorsed by a certain person, or group of people, or is the favorite choice for x. I do that in the recording studio, you'll be happy to know that I reopened the recording studio not to record for others, but to do my own music. About a year after I had this change in 2008. For the last 15 years, I've been building a coaching practice founded purely on yes, there's a lot of people looking for help solving problems. Nobody's running around saying I'm looking for coaching, they want to solve a problem. Coaching is the activity of providing suggestions, encouragement and support for people to solve problems. I think of coaching as being in the people encouragement business. building this business was no different than building the studio, or any other business. You have to decide what you do. Create your offering with some coaches. I'm going to use this because I'm in that business but some coaches create products, where you buy them online for $197 or $497 or something and they put together a series of instructional videos and homework and so forth to help you achieve a certain thing. I have a few courses like that. I've learned how to create time and it is a program that shares Everything that I know about how to both organize your time, and I call it creating time, even though the clock ticks the same for everyone. The way you approach your activities really changes by a huge factor of 10 your productivity. I have a course like that. I have a course that I teach on meditation, same thing. Those are products and some people decide they want to sell patterns. When the war in Ukraine started, my wife is Ukrainian. Some close and personal for her dad was born in Odessa, she started looking for Ukrainian products online to support people over there, and she bought Airbnb reservations that we'll never go to. She bought patterns and scarves and things, some of which we got some of which we didn't don't care about. That's the thing, so what do you do? What are you willing to do that other people either don't do, won't do or haven't thought of? Question two is helping you identify and claim your superpower? What do I do? Why should someone buy mine?

Kellan Fluckiger  26:10  

As opposed to down the street? Now, if you have a commodity like gasoline, you buy at the cheapest place, and last one person has the kind of goodies you want in the store that they have, or unless they're giving away this or that free or in last this is an old old school station, and they still pump your gas for you. It's worth sitting in the car for or and there's actually one of those here in Canada? Or unless these reasons and you need to figure out what your unless is and the bigger your unless is, the more you're worth. The bigger your superpower is where you are. It's money moving vertically and what is your differentiator? Unique value proposition, unique selling proposition superpower? The same thing? What is that? You might need help figuring that out, identifying it, packaging it right, describing it well or connecting compelling language, we then get a coach to get some help. Don't try to sit around and oh, I can't do this. That's nonsense. You're not willing. That's different. It's a completely different thing.

Robert Peterson  27:19  

Absolutely. Kellan, let's dig, I want to dig into a little bit of you talked about that mindset of unworthiness, that mindset of self sabotage, obviously, you've worked through it and made a transition, what helped you trans transition your mindset and change the story of what your mom had set in place?

Kellan Fluckiger  27:43  

That took a lot of work. I began to get some help. I saw some counselors. My wife was very encouraging. The bottom line, the short answer is get the help you need. It depends on how serious it is, what kind of help you need. Coaching, that's one of the things I do as coach, help people reframe their stories, help people reframe what they think their worth, or what they can or can't do. Those are all just stories anyway. Get the help, whether it's professional help, a shrink, it's coaching, it's both, or it's some kind of education. Changing the story starts with one fundamental truth. That is, what if there's another thing I can believe, what else is possible here? As long as we stay stuck, this is the truth. You'll never change it. If you start with, I wonder what else is possible here? What else could I believe? What else is available? What does someone else believe? What is someone else doing? Go down that road and then get some help? Why you can change your mindset. It's a lot of work and the way it happens for each person is individual. It starts with a willingness to change, a willingness to do the work and then getting help.

Robert Peterson  29:03  

I love curiosity. The willingness to ask questions about your belief about the story about the world is a surefire way to open up your mind to other possibilities. I love curiosity. I love encouraging people to just ask more questions, explore the situation as if there's other possibilities. I want to dig into a little bit about how I love the support that my wife and I are working on, the idea of the marriage mastermind, the idea of the empowerment that happens when a couple comes together, they add value to each other, they encourage and build each other up. Obviously, that's what God has done for you. It changed your life and your trajectory and everything. Would you share a little bit more about that idea of empowering each other as partners?

Kellan Fluckiger  30:36  

I love that question. Thank you, I'm grateful that you're doing this work with marriages. I have a client who has been married 25 years, and I never cease to remind him what an amazing accomplishment that is, especially coming from the viewpoint of someone that was such a failure for so long. You can't create a partnership if you don't share some kind of vision. Learning to be honest with each other, and finding out if there's a willingness to share a common vision. That might mean enduring common hardships, when entrepreneurial hours are harder or more difficult, or sharing talent pools. For example, Joy is a degreed designer. She's really good at designing things. She also had a stint doing some programming. She does project management too. She runs our contractors in the help that we need. It's not all one way she has been a 25 year online retail merchant doing all kinds of stuff, antiques and collectibles. Her dad was an archaeologist. She's run a thriving eBay and Etsy store for 25 years, since way before we were together, for while I was figuring out the coaching practice, in the beginning, I was her Pack Mule. We lived in Phoenix for a number of years, we would go to auctions and I would haul all this stuff home and help her catalog. Then I figured out how to do packing and shipping of breakables, China and that kind of stuff. I could do that really well. Every day, at two or three o'clock, I'd sit down in the room, go over the list of things that had sold, I'd get them all out, put them in a row and get our big sheets of foam paper, I do all the packing and shipping. I did that. They did that for a long time. That took two or three hours in the afternoon. The rest of the day, I was busy working on what I wanted to do. She's learned how to publish books. The first book I wrote, we put out to a New York publisher. Then she learned the publishing trade. Now is quite a good mid tier publisher. She's got a 100% track record of getting every author that we work with, an Amazon number one bestseller status, for example. We now do my books and client books, people want to write books and stuff like that. She has taken her curiosity, skill and applied it to that. We talk regularly about the vision. My commitment for this year is I'm going to help 10 million people discover, develop and serve with their divine gift. She's enrolled in that vision. We've talked about it many times, about how to do it, about what's the best way and what we should try and had my podcasts also, have a YouTube channel and different ways to reach people to extend besides all the books that I've written. What is the best way to do that, and your willingness to be vulnerable to not know, to engage in constructive dialogue to allow your partner to coach you and not have to know it all and you know, getting some commonalities and some shared commitment is pivotal. Pivotal. I have clients where one of them's the, quote, business owner entrepreneur, and the other one does whatever they do, and it's hard. It's hard. It's so fabulous that Joy and I are able to do this together.

Robert Peterson  34:13  

You mentioned a couple things. Early on, when you talked about the intervention and you talked about the very beginning of your relationship, there was a commitment to a journey. Journeying together and that idea of a vision is really that commitment to a journey and for my wife and I we made the same commitment. We're partners, her and I against the world or her and I against whatever, whatever thing we're dealing with are facing and for a time we've got a temporary role as parents but we always recognized it as a temporary role and for many people, parenting becomes their identity sometimes especially for the wife and she's got the motherly role and then when the kids are gone the couple has no idea what to do with each other, they haven't prepared for this identity shift as partners. My wife and I had this commitment to our partnership above all else. The kids were a secondary assignment. Some people are listening to that going, Oh, no, that's terrible. I've got great kids, and my kids love me, we have a great relationship. The role was to kick them out. The role was to create adults and get them out of the house. My wife and I have done that. In fact, both kids are here this weekend, my son's back from Tennessee, and my daughter works for us during the weekend. We see them constantly, it's not as if we don't have a relationship with them, they're adults functioning on their own. That commitment to the journey, there's so many couples that think that marriage is supposed to be this battle for power and control. It's never, for less love was never about power and control in a relationship or partners. We're side by side, shoulder to shoulder, facing whatever's in front of us. My wife had a terrible medical incident, I know you've had some of those as well. In the midst of it, she apologized to me, she said, I'm sorry. I said for what she said, because everything changes, I said nothing changes. Maybe our destination changes, maybe we can't do some things we thought we would do, or we don't even know the consequences at this point. The bottom line is the journey commitment is the same. It's you and me side by side, you're still here for a reason. Let's figure out what that is and do it. Together.

Kellan Fluckiger  36:32  

I just honor you and love you for saying that. The fact that I'd failed three times in marriage is directly as a result of the fact that I created no partnership, I didn't know how I was so broken, I didn't know what was wrong with me. I attracted women that had their own pile of stuff that I didn't even know what that meant. One of them was raised by an alcoholic stepdad and was told she was unwanted. I had no idea what that did to a person. I was too busy being busted, I wasn't getting any help, I didn't have to offer any help. That kind of thing. That partnership you've talked about is beautiful, it is available. It's not a mysterious thing. It takes dedication and the work and commitment that you've described, I love you and honor you for being that guy. 

Robert Peterson  37:19  

Thank you, it's my second marriage as well. I did have to learn that lesson the hard way. Thankfully I had good mentors. Early on in this relationship and counseling, we sought the help we got at the beginning because we both knew we were broken to start with and that makes a difference. Like entrepreneurs I agree with you getting the help be willing to. I think one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is part of that independent spirit that fires them up to become an entrepreneur, and holds them back from asking for help. They think they got to know it all. They think they got to do it all they think they got to be the hero in their business. The truth is, they can be really good at one thing, the odds of them being good at all the things required to run a business are slim to none.

Kellan Fluckiger  38:07  

Why would you do that? If you truly are doing all the things that it takes to run your business, you're not having time to enJoy the fruits of your labor anyway.

Robert Peterson  38:16  

Your business is gonna stay small. You need to outsource to scale, you need to multiply yourself to scale, and you need help to scale. Those things are definitely true. One of the things that you're very grateful for Joy's presence in your life and for the life change that you've experienced in what other ways is gratitude served you Kellan?

Kellan Fluckiger  38:46  

It's a foundation principle. It's allowed me to stop needing things. Oh, I don't need anything. I literally say to people, myself, Joy, people all the time. I need nothing. When I have a conversation, I never go into a conversation, wondering or worrying about if someone's going to be a client or if there's a sale or an opportunity. I literally don't. My business plan on the wall says I never look for clients. No. I look for people to love, opportunities to serve and problems to solve. From that place I have clients. I have Joyful relationships with people who are not clients and the ones that are ready and willing to do the work and want me to help them get it done. I wake up every day with gratitude on my lips . It's part of my daily creation ritual or I create myself every day. It is a fundamental characteristic of a successful and powerful person. 

Robert Peterson  40:00  

You said I look for people to love problems to solve what was the third one

Kellan Fluckiger  40:06  

That I look for people to love opportunities to serve, problems to solve, they're in that order, I can love you without your permission. I don't need anything to just love somebody. If I'm going to do the second one, which is an opportunity to serve well, I need to know a little bit about you so I can understand what might serve you actually. I don't bring a gluten intolerance person, a bowl of pasta, for example, silly but really, then if we get to know each other well enough, you choose to share a problem that you're experiencing with me and I find out that I can help. You're open to that, it's at that level, the business is created, is created Joyfully and without effort.

Robert Peterson  40:48  

So powerful. You mentioned routine a little bit with gratitude, what other routines are non negotiables for you?

Kellan Fluckiger  40:55  

I have a long morning routine, it's two and a half to three hours every day, in which I create myself. It's very intentional, it's fluid, it consists of the acronym spam, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. I spend some time in each of those areas of life, cultivating spirit and connection to the divine listening for intuition and inspiration, which is how I live my life. P is the physical part, which is some nod to the health of the body, which is exercise, stretching, whatever I choose to do to honor and keep my body in good shape. E is emotional, which I include in there, all the relationships. I'll intentionally spend time every day thinking of people with whom I want to either build, strengthen or repair a relationship. I'll send some texts to do that, to strengthen, to love to repair, to invite, and the names will come to me by intuition, or I'll just go through my tap chat thing in my text list and look over my Facebook Messenger and just see what names pop up to me. They do this all the time because they want to hear. It's not unusual for someone to say, oh, I was blah, blah, blah. That works. M is for mental. I have a stack of 30 books or so over here that I'm always in the middle of and I read voraciously. I enjoy keeping my mind active, focused, capable, and all the rest. Spam is arbitrary. It's an acronym that I created. When I teach clients, I start with 1010 10 1040 minutes, so they can get in the habit of self creation. I also help them create a document which describes their intent for self creation. Gratitude plays a huge role in that, both in the expressions, connection with the Divine and in the acknowledgement of the privilege it is to have a breath still every day. 

Robert Peterson  42:57  

That's so powerful. One of the things that transitioned in your life from your corporate experience to now running and previous entrepreneurial experience is this idea of self care, giving yourself permission to me, most entrepreneurs might have heard you say to our morning routine and gone holy smoke, I don't get that much time. How much value does that self care add to your day?

Kellan Fluckiger  43:25  

People say that to me all the time. I laugh, because it creates time. If I don't do that I have less time than when I do. The idea that two hours takes away time is nonsense. It means you don't have a person who doesn't understand efficiency, productivity, creativity, how the decision making process works, analysis, paralysis, difficulty in decision making mistakes, correcting things over again, doing things without intuition. It literally creates more time than it uses. I would no sooner start my day without that kind of ritual that I would run outside in the middle of winter in Edmonton, Alberta, when it's minus 40 

Robert Peterson  44:15  

That perspective is that many entrepreneurs are busy 12 hours and it's busy. They're just as busy. That two hour morning routine changes from busy to productive.

Kellan Fluckiger  44:29  

It does. You make less mistakes, you forget less things. There's less redos, there's less apologies as do overs. There's less hesitation making decisions. All of those things just flow fluidly. You've connected on purpose with your purpose, with your commitments with who you've decided to be and with a Joyful truth of why you chose to be an entrepreneur in the first place. When you're in a place of that invincibility or an alpha you flow. When you're in that place, you're 2345 times more productive. Can you imagine living there? That's all if you learn to live there, and that's possible, I'm not making that up, then two hours, that's nothing.

Robert Peterson  45:20  

That's beautiful. Let's talk about character development. As a corporate guy super successful, but completely inauthentic, living a secret life behind this person, some entrepreneurs feel they've got to put this face out to the public, it's completely different from the person they are, with their family or when their business isn't open. How about the value of authenticity and character development?

Kellan Fluckiger  45:53  

I would tell you, from my deepest heart, that your business should be the most authentic reflection of who you really are, the energy it takes to maintain duplicity far exceeds the value you imagine that it creates. If you don't like who you are, in either of those personas, merge the persona, become the person you like, that effort is worth any effort at any price. You don't have to live any differently. I say to people, you meet me on any street on any day, first breath to last same dude.

Robert Peterson  46:48  

It's a lot easier that way. To be honest, you mentioned something in there about merging the two about the idea of designing who you want to be. Let's dig into that design. I encourage people to know the life that they want, and then design their business to support it.

Kellan Fluckiger  47:10  


Robert Peterson  47:13  

To help people with that idea that we get we can we have the power to create our life, to create ourselves into this business world into the impact we can have in the world.

Kellan Fluckiger  47:31  

Each of you listening today, and thank you for listening. Each of you. You know what else I wanted to do, I wanted to honor Robert, for doing the work that it takes to put this together. It is a labor of love. It is a lot of work. It is done from a beautiful and service oriented place in his heart. Robert, I wanted to honor you for that. The idea of creation is that creating isn't something you do over there, you are creating every nanosecond of your life period, you cannot not create. The only question is, are you willing to be intentional about your creation. That means decide who you are. Part of me has a document called a PTAC. It stands for personal truth and commitment. It has evolved over the years into many pages and has different parts and written with different tonalities and things. The purpose of it is for Callen to declare who he is. I don't need anyone's permission. I don't seek it. I don't need anyone's approval, I don't seek it. It is me, declaring who I am. When I do that, I love and believe in the words that I wrote, then I have the opportunity to create myself every day, according to that statement. There's no awkwardness about it because I wrote it. I believe it. I love it. An example in a spiritual portion says the first three sentences are I am a beacon of light. I am a vessel of love. I am a conduit of power. It goes on, I say those things because someone might say, how do you know? I said. That's who I choose to be. Every interaction in this podcast, the meeting I went to this morning, the coaching calls I've done today, conversations with my wife, it all filters through those and other statements. Is that how that being shows up? It's not because I'm supposed to or should have all that's gone from the table. I don't have any obligations. I have a lot of commitments, they're things I chose and things I cherish, obligation, the word itself contains the seeds of resentment. I'd rather be doing something else but I have to x, empty your calendar of obligations. Why are they there in the first place? Why aren't you living a life of your own choosing by commitment? I mean that sincerely. What are you doing filling your calendar with crap you don't want to do? You resent that fact alone brings negative energy and adds all kinds of garbage to the world.

Robert Peterson  50:36  

Oh, so good. You mentioned the word that really matters in there. That's the intention. You're intentionally choosing who you want to be, you're intentionally choosing the things you want to do. You're intentionally choosing to be responsible for Kellan and not putting Kelan's life or issues or problems on anybody else's shoulders. That's the difference between a victim in the world who blames everybody else for everything that's going on. The person that says nope, ultimately, the only person responsible for Robert is Robert. Robert needs to be intentional in his choices. If he's putting crap on his calendar, it's Robert's fault. If he's doing things he doesn't want to do, that's Robert's fault. Being intentional is so pivotal to these, this creative life that you want to have. It's also moving towards enlightenment. When you stop letting the conditions and circumstances of your life impact you in negative ways, and hold you back from what you're trying to accomplish. That's raising your vibration to the levels of love and enlightenment.

Kellan Fluckiger  51:49  

My document goes on, I have a piece that's my business plan. It's really short. My and I read you the thing I had on the wall. Another expression of it is my business plan is to love, create and serve. Love you with no judgment as you are in this moment here now create space for imagination to blossom, and creativity to explode, serve you fearlessly and in your highest and best interest. That's my business plan. I make plenty of money.

Robert Peterson  52:30  

That's so good. Earlier we talked about getting out. We talked about getting counseling or therapy if you've had trauma and some of those things, but another form of help are mentors. How have mentors served you Kellan? What would you tell somebody listening about the power of mentorship?

Kellan Fluckiger  52:49  

The coaching has been pivotal in creating my business, in teaching me how to serve well, even though I am a coach, if I was a different in a different business, like if I had reopened the recording studio, which I did, but not for public recording for doing my stuff. If I'd reopened it for commercial purposes, the lessons that I've learned from mentors, mentors are about not what are the secrets to making money, their advice and counsel from people who have more experience on how to be in the world, how to be an honorable and successful business owner, how to relate to different situations, when struggles and problems come up, how to approach potential perplexing situations or potential opportunities, what to consider and how to make decisions. I can't tell you how often I get asked, I don't know how to decide, someone will say to me, I have this problem, I can do this and do this. I just don't know how to decide. The very act of walking through a rigorous decision making process is such a valuable thing. I have that. I have that ability to serve someone that way. When they go through it and they make good decisions, they feel good afterwards because they've considered the important things. Mentors  have been pivotal and allowed me to choose and declare who I am. How I want to serve in my business, and how I want to relate to everyone around me and how to live so that I can live as the same person 100% authentically, first breath to last every day. I only wish that I'd be discovered and taken advantage of that power and opportunity way earlier in my life because I didn't begin the kind of journey that I'm on. I'm about to intentionally create myself until after that stuff in 2007, I was 52. I spent the first 52 years floundering around doing mice, doing it all myself and making a big mess. Since then, it's not that I haven't made mistakes, but I've been able to correct them and get organized. In fact, one of my powerful declarations after a whole slew of really impressive things, it says I am, that when I fall or fail in any direction, any declaration, I get up, fess up, clean it up and recommit.

Robert Peterson  55:38  

So powerful. One of the areas that I'm making a big assumption here, that I find really important for people is forgiveness. You feel a tinge of regret that you didn't start these things, or learn these things, discover these things sooner in your life, that you've made a mess of the past. Forgiveness is such an important part of reworking your story for the sake of moving forward.

Kellan Fluckiger  56:11  

Yes, it is. I say I feel badly about this, that and the other. There is a purpose, a function and a limit. To guilt and or shame however you want to characterize it, some people draw a distinction there. There's a limit to its functionality and purpose. What many do and I used to do was I felt so badly about the mistakes that I'd made. About the strange ment of kids and about the bitterness of some of the divorces and all of that, that I continuously carried a burden of big, huge, gigantic, enormous rock, I am no good, I suck, I should die. It drove me to attempt suicide. It made it really difficult in the years before I got sober to even consider that because I was so desperate to be unconscious, when in one way or another. It is only through the power of the principle of forgiveness. Forgiveness is the second most important word in the language after love. Here's why forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. There are two sides to the forgiveness coin. One side is you have been abused unjustly, wronged, bashed, smashed or otherwise taken advantage of those are facts. XYZ happened. Your choice about what to do with that fact, determines your ability today to add good to the world and to have creative power. As long as you carry the rock of anger, bitterness, resentment, negativity, they didn't get justice, they should this they should that all you're not hurting them. You're not helping your potential customers and people you could serve. Most of all, you're not helping yourself. You are carrying a rock that is with you every day. It prevents you from climbing the mountain of opportunity. It prevents you from serving, it prevents you from serving over and over again. Your choice to forgive whoever did whatever to you. Doesn't mean you ignore it. It doesn't mean it didn't affect you. It doesn't mean they somehow got away with something. It doesn't mean anything. Except you chose to empty your backpack of rocks. You don't need to carry eternal justice karma, God, whatever you want to call it, we'll handle the Justice part of it. It's not mine to do or yours to do. You've seen and maybe you've done this, people do something, they shouldn't be tarred and feathered. We list off this long vicious list of things that should be inflicted on somebody else. We're reacting to our own emotional pain, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what some true in the cosmic sense justice would provide for that circumstance. The other side of the forgiveness coin is one that I'm most familiar with. That is the guilt and shame that you feel for having done stuff to others. People wrecked your life or You wrecked somebody else's. We all have a measure of both. I was abused as a kid that was inflicted on me. I feel like my behavior was bigger than that. My side of that coin was darker. Here's what I know. It is appropriate to apologize to make whatever amends make sense so that you're able to make that makes sense you do that you try to fix things. What you don't do is carry guilt and shame forever. I can never forgive myself. All you're doing there is carrying rocks. You don't need to care. If you don't need to wait until somebody accepts your apology, they may never accept your apology. That is their journey that has nothing to do with you. After you have done the things that make sense to you to do to try to fix something and are available for further relationship if they want to forgive yourself, drop the drummer, empty your backpack because I need your full power as you serve with your heart, love, you are depriving me and everybody else of your full light by carrying around all that nonsense.

Robert Peterson  1:00:40  

Thank you. Kellan, how is playing fun, played a role in your business.

Kellan Fluckiger  1:00:48  

I have fun every day. I'm having fun talking to Robert Peterson, the smiling entrepreneur coach. I had fun going to a networking meeting this morning. I had fun coaching some clients. I'm going to have fun. I got one more call today, I'm going to go in the studio and record some music. I'm having fun doing that. I have fun every day all day long. I have no obligations, nothing I resent, nothing I don't want to do. I'm only doing things I want to do. Helping others learn to do that, too. So fun plays an immediate and present role every minute of life

Robert Peterson  1:01:17  

Love it. Apart from meeting Joy, obviously that's a pretty memorable experience. What was your most memorable date?

Kellan Fluckiger  1:01:29  

You mean with her? Yeah, I have no idea. Every moment is a glorious blessing. I write music about her all the time. One of the books I've written is tightrope of depression, I decided I wanted to do something different. Instead of just writing a book, I decided I want to do some music. I wrote 11 songs that go to tell the stories from this book, and that an album is dark is called the dark. It's called the dark side of black. It's called the name of the black. That's what it's called. Then when I got done with tight rope, I thought I was done. I wasn't going to write any more crap about myself. I realized that wasn't true. Then I wrote down from the gallows in keeping with the rope theme. I wrote an album of music with that. I have fun all the time. I'm writing music. I'm writing books and talking to you. I'm doing fun stuff with Joy. Every time I'm with her, I call her my angel. She is literally an angel. I've asked her 1000 times. Joy What on earth possessed you to quit your career and walk off into the sunset with a drug addict? Everybody knew they didn't know but they knew. You walked away from your career. You tender your resignation and walked off into the sunset with a drug addict. Practically sight unseen. Not quite. We knew each other but not well. She said I just knew to the core of my soul, it was the right thing to do. It had nothing to do with being wildly in love. It had nothing to do with anything except making a choice. To do the thing you know is what you want to do, what your soul was calling you to do. How could any moment be anything other than bliss with an angel?

Robert Peterson  1:03:27  

It's pretty powerful. I love it. Kellan, you spent an hour with one of those young entrepreneurs and you're leaving with Kellan's Words of Wisdom, what would you share?

Kellan Fluckiger  1:03:36  

You know what, love yourself furiously and fiercely, take care of yourself and love yourself. You can't love your clients or your family any more than you love yourself. Number two, learn to meditate. That might sound like nothing you ever would imagine that I would say but in that meditation process, you learn to connect with your intuition. You make less mistakes, you create time and you have a fabulous spiritual and intellectual grounding from which to build your business. Love yourself, learn to meditate and get the help you need. I don't care what business you're in, I don't care what you sell, I don't care who you sell it to. I don't care if you have to prospect or you don't have to prospect, all of those things will be easier, faster and more successful. If you love yourself. You learn to meditate and you get to help you meet.

Robert Peterson  1:04:26  

So good Kellan, thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for your authenticity, your vulnerability and for just putting the truth out there. 

Kellan Fluckiger

You're welcome.