Kenneth Yu

and Robert talk about the power of making an impact as an entrepreneur and the opportunity to transform nations. We really dig into Kenneth’s movement nicknamed, write your own damn check and the power of language, especially religious frameworks in marketing. Kenneth is an expert copywriter and really knows how to separate people from their money through telling stories

A little bit about Kenneth...

Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive.”

~ Drayton Bird, CIM’s Top 50 Most Influential Marketer and Founder of Ogilvy Direct

The Accidental Founder of the “Write Your Own Damn Cheque” Movement, Kenneth teaches Entrepreneurially-driven financial independence through an interdisciplinary system of persuasion, personal growth and strategic thinking .

Kenneth’s obsessed with telling stories that part people with their money. He expresses that in helping corporates like McDonald’s, Fujitsu and Zurich Insurance with cultural transformation and the multiple companies he owns and consults.

Recently, he has used those skills to create two Clickbank Platinum Winners in a matter of months... Including the current no.1 in its category. Plus, he has also leveraged that unique ability into becoming a mentor and advisor to Silicon Valley startups, including 500 Startups — one of the most renowned incubators in the world.

Along the way, he won the World Marketing Congress Top 50 Global Digital Marketing Leaders, the World Brand Congress Most Influential Digital Media Leader, Cannes Lion, London International, D&AD and numerous other international accolades.

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Kenneth Yu
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Show Notes

Robert Peterson 0:00 

I'm excited for today's guest Kenneth Yu who has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media. A rare bird nowadays, and too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive. Dream bird CITM top 50 missed most influential marketer and founder of Ogilvy direct the accidental founder of write your own damn check movement. KENNETH teaches entrepreneurial driven financial independence through an interdisciplinary system of persuasion, personal growth and strategic thinking. Ken is obsessed with telling stories that part people with their money. He expresses that in helping corporations McDonald's for Fujitsu and Zurich Insurance with cultural transformation and the multiple companies that he owns and consult Kenneth Yu and Robert talk about the power of making an impact as an entrepreneur and the opportunity to transform nations. We really dig into Kenneth's movement nicknamed write your own damn check. the power of language, especially religious frameworks and marketing. KENNETH is an expert copywriter and really knows how to separate people from their money through telling stories. Kenny, thank you so much for coming on the show today. I appreciate you taking the time. I know that it's very late in the evening there in Singapore and I just appreciate you jumping on.

Kenneth Yu 2:02 

no problem. Happy to share what I can say I guess.

Robert Peterson 2:08 

we didn't have an official introduction from Dennis you but actually Dennis had sent emails about your I don't know if it was scalable parable, or one of the other programs that you were offering Dennis? Daddy wants

Kenneth Yu 2:26 

Holy Grail? Oh. That's very nice of the Holy Grail.

Robert Peterson 2:30 

So I wanted to express gratitude to Dennis for connecting us and, and I really appreciated the holy grail when you shared that challenge. then I've really appreciated the scalable parable. I just love, , I just love your group, your idea of, the why. I don't know why. Oh, DC? Yes. Etc. Let's start with a really bad idea.

Kenneth Yu 3:04 

somebody actually did this for me. I'm not sure if. Yes, so, one of my students, one of my mastermind members 3d printed this for me. Yep. who DC stands for, write your own damn check. It's an accidental movement. I started during the pandemic. I have always been quite a successful online entrepreneur over the last maybe 1516 years. I've been doing this a long time. I was one of the first few people to do funnels, how we talked about funnels today, I was actually one of the first implementers of funnels, ever. We were one of the pioneers of email copywriting., so I've been in this game a long time. During that pandemic, when everybody was stuck, I decided to try everyone's lifeline because during the pandemic, I had my best months. during the pandemic, I actually had my best years, even though I've been doing this a long time, but the pandemic was where that whole work from home thing, the online marketing thing all accelerated. I wanted to bring people on this journey. I just had this mantra it was, write your own damn check. the government's because we were very reliant on the government, the shutdowns, the mandates, and and you cannot be so what's the right word? So dependent on external circumstances. Even though there are a lot of things out of your control, there are actually a lot of things that are in your control as well. that is learning new skills, learning new wealth models, networking with the right people, because they are always business models that thrive in different environments. For the last two, three years, even though a lot of business models were crushed, retail and toy agencies, and they're making a comeback now. It was a very dire, terrible time. For a lot of us in the internet marketing space, it was a gold rush. It was California back in the day. It was just, up and up and up and up, 6x my business in a few months. That was in 2000 2020. I want to sort of spread that message and equip people with DC tools for the next, for whatever period is coming, because it's still going to be an uncertain, volatile time.

Robert Peterson 5:46 

I appreciate the idea of helping people, but obviously, just that idea of taking control of what you can take control of and recognizing that there's, there's more that you can take control of, and then you probably realize, and so that's a big piece. One of the other big drivers for me in connecting with you and wanting to have you on the show, was your desire to give back your desire to contribute on the world scale. Can you share your mission, your personal purpose, your passion for helping others and empowering others that maybe can't take care of her or at this point are taking care of themselves?

Kenneth Yu 6:34 

Yep, so my wife and I share very similar calling and purpose. Our expressions are different. For us as a married couple, our mission is to use business as a force of good and a force of change on a national transformation level. Let me just explain and unpack this a little bit. four? number one is that you mentioned giving back, giving back connotes the fact that we took in the first place. What should I say? So what is my I guess my passion is to redefine business or reframe business as No, business is not necessarily about taking business is a force of goods, a force of change. It's really a neutral vehicle. a very powerful vehicle that, when greed and selfishness controls that vehicle. It becomes a vehicle for harm. then you give back because you took but when business is a vehicle for where you are, there's benevolence, and that's the grace of God and His Kingdom. God so loved the world, and you're blessed to be a blessing. That's when business transforms and business changes. This excites me and one of my role models in this. He's a bit unfortunate that he couldn't fulfill that mission and was kicked off by stakeholders, stakeholders kicked them out much. My aim is to actually meet him for coffee in Sweden. Now. His name is Paul Polman. He used to be the CEO of Unilever. he was the global CEO of Unilever. His mantra was doing well by doing good. If you lift people out of poverty, sales increase. if you are able to take everybody out of a certain income level, you take them to the next income level, business will flourish. ciety flourish, business flourish. They see So, so that's really what the kind of, I guess, transformational thinking that I want to bring in, both for myself and the things that I want to do, but also the people who are interested in this message and empowered to say, hey, you can make a difference, because business is a force of change. There's no false dichotomy within business and society. Is business as a social force. Hope that helps.

Robert Peterson 9:27 

Oh, no, you just rocked my world. Just with language matters, right words, words matter, and the language we use absolutely matters. that thinking in that way, changes, changes things. I just learned a huge lesson that impacts me at the heart level. Let's talk about your wife's methodology. You mentioned that you hers is a little different than hers. your mission is the same. she's expressing hers differently. What is your wife's expression of impacting the world and this nation's transformation?

Kenneth Yu 10:13 

 She wants to make the world a better, safer place for women. She's in the women's empowerment leadership space. She also thinks in terms of ecosystems, because if you want to transform anything on a global slash national level, you have to think in terms of the ecosystems of the countries not, because here's the thing, , I appreciate, charity, I appreciate, you do something for charity, water, you give adequate because we need that. If you want to actually transform culture, then several steps need to happen. my wife, why built organization, , she's the global CEO of Nazi Oh, she's a global chairperson of basically a global missions organization., as a side gig, that's our full time role. That's what she does for fun. She is just a global measures NGO, with a presence in 50 countries for fun., and what we see right is basically, when you embrace business thinking, and business degrees are counted as a kingdom they carry they was Kingdom is actually administrative as actually, Kingdom is actually a national thing, you basically bring in national culture or values, economic empowerment, and, and look at different things from an ecosystem. I look at things from ecosystems as well.. That's the first strike. My strengths are marketing, amplification, and evangelism. The evangelism of the cause type thing. Avoid building the systems because without the systems movements for movements can grow.

Robert Peterson 12:07 

So powerful. Let's dig into some of this. Marketing, obviously, you're very well respected in the marketing space, you have a great deal of experience in helping just understand language and understand how people think and then how people make the decision to, to purchase. For entrepreneurs listening, how can you help them understand how to better communicate the problem they solve, in a way that attracts the clients that they want?

Kenneth Yu 12:49 

For me, fundamentally, it's about the holy grail of , why is the holy grail Holy Grail is the King Arthur legend that there's this object of great power that the King sacrificed his kingdom for? Okay, a lot, kick the woods today, So sacrifice his kingdom for the Knights of the roundtable, when perish, the kingdom fell. The story was there was an object that people were willing to pay a great price for. It's about Polo's great price in Scripture, Where, he bought an entire field to get that great price. you have to position yourself in a way where you're the Pearl of Great Price. you do that only in two ways, really. as is really only one you have to be precious to the person that wants you in the first place. It's a great price because it's of value to him. You hit me with a pearl of great price that simple, I might ignore it, why do I want to pull? It's not, it's not a state of the art for K TV. It's not PS five, it's not anything it's, so it has to be valuable. The second thing it has to be is that it needs some sort of novelty. He's some sort of differentiation, the Pearl of Great Price, probably because it's either the shiniest Pearl, or it's a very different kind of pearl. novelty plus Relevancy is what makes you stand out in the marketplace.

Robert Peterson 14:30 

Nice. It sounds so simple. It can be the most challenging thing for a lot of people that struggle with marketing, and so being able to I the novelty in the holy grail, at least in the holy grail challenge. You talked about the The novelty element in a way to awaken somebody's attention or to attract them in a significant way without without being totally off the market a Instagram real, Look, some of those, you don't want to just use a video of somebody falling on their face to get attention and then try to sell them your pearl. even the novelty has to have relevance.

Kenneth Yu 15:32 

Yes, that's 

Robert Peterson 15:36 

it's so challenging for most of us to think that to think like a marketer, and you seem to think, naturally you're built to be a marketer, and of course, your marketing career has amplified that for you., what, obviously, the scalable parable is, is, is similar in the ideas that the, the religious structures have been the most convincing marketing. why not, why not apply those to business and so here, here I am, uh, spent 20 years in Christian ministry, 1010 years in South America, sharing the gospel and, and teaching Colombian pastors how to build their churches and as a business and and I hadn't, I never made the connection., until I heard you share this idea that the parable, the sharing, the idea of sharing the gospel is really marketing that the two always were in separate boxes for me, even though it's, it's the similar process., to take my business and look at it in, in the terms of sharing the gospel, or in the terms of that language, or the elements of that language was eye opening. Thank you., and obviously, , you're , Scripture gives us the, the tools to share a story in a way that that people are attracted to it and want to participate, want to be a part of it, and being able to use that language for your business, this is the value that I added. Of course, if your value is not relevant to that person, then then they're not the person you should be talking to. There's an ethical element to marketing that, pretty important. if they are the person that you're talking to, and, and you do have something of great value that can really help them, then that is your obligation as a marketer to market to them.

Kenneth Yu 17:52 

Yep. Which is true, because you need to be convinced that your product will change their life in some way, or it will create impact in some way. that selling is selling salted devil, we all sell. I can argue that, I may go on a separate read, but basically, where we're in a sense selling either, where we're selling the wrong message to the audience you want to reach out today, be in Christianity or be in other things, I will give you just one example. I'm going to extrapolate it and we're going to use several examples of the idea of moving pain versus moaning pain. moving paint paint that moves and moaning paint, you moan, you complain and everything., and basically, we always thought marketing was to start with the pain point or whatever, which is very cliched, but it's what kind of pain point. is it a pain point, that is, the pain point that you complain about you not doing anything about it, or the pain point that is actually really urgent. let me just show you just let me share with you a story. about 20 years ago now, maybe less than about 18 years ago now. I nearly chopped off my thumb with a meat cleaver. I was a young and foolish bachelor before I met my wife, so meat cleaver, meat, frozen burger patties, and nearly chopped off my tongue. I was bleeding everywhere. I was just bleeding and bleeding and bleeding. the thoughts that came to my head, my first thought, I bet you would not. Let's go Netflix, let's play a video game. Or let's wait on this right or are they so painful? It sucks and you go to sleep? No, it's, I need to freaking see a doctor so I get so backed by because I could see coordinate time. I rushed in a minute and I was seeing any doc you're not seeing your favorite doctor. that you might be, kilometer by a mile away or something, you're seeing the doctor that's right in front of you whether it's good or bad, you don't care, you just want to have the scar, we're here to prove it. The key is basically asking what's the bleeding time of the market? Wow. What is bleeding out of the market? Because if you're not tackling the big bleeding thumb that your message isn't heard a lot, the reason why a lot of churches window in America is because what is their bleeding tab? Their bleeding thumb is either heaven or hell mortality or whatever crazy issues are going on., whatever the hot button topics that are going on right now. That is to blame. There are no people giving a damn about basically, mortality is irrelevant when your age span is 60 or 55. you retire at 55, you die at 60. That is actually your retirement savings structure for only five to 10 years.

Robert Peterson 21:07 

Or generation. you're Billy Graham's generation. Yes. unified with the Heaven and Hell message. Yes. Concerned about eternity., and yes, the following generation is no longer concerned about that question. When the church continues to ask that question, what happens to you when you die? They're, I don't care.. It doesn't matter. you're the bleeding, the bleeding thumb of these succeeding generations is, what am I doing? When I wake up, I don't have any hope for life. When I, when I wait, I don't even have a reason to wake up., the evidence is all around us that people are losing hope and committing suicide at higher rates., and there is a lack of hope and a lack of purpose. In our culture today. rry, that was a side by side. It's challenging sometimes for businesses to think about what is the bleeding thumb, because they get caught up in the features and benefits? And in focusing on? What is it that the people you serve, really, really need? And know what they need? One of the challenges for me in coaching has always been, I focus on mindset, I help people, think differently, and grow themselves to serve. Yep. The majority of people realize they have the voice in their head, but they don't realize how much of a difference it would make if the voice is working for them, rather than against them. they don't realize how much that would benefit them. it's harder, it's been much harder language wise to communicate what it is I really do. how it is I really help somebody.

Kenneth Yu 23:08 

my reply to that is it's a bit of an unconventional reply is to recognize the seasons. See, the Bible talks about recognizing the seasons. Why is it winter? Spring? Why is the dominant emotion, why are people truly feeling and then you tap into that dominant emotion we exist, express it down, because that person is probably feeling it anyway. If it's anger, during COVID, shared emotion seems to be more widespread than we think it does. We look at a war in Ukraine, now, it's a little bit of hope, that's a little bit of a sliver of hope. Even inflation is really high. There's not much despair yet. let's say if it gets to the dispatcher, you look at the dispatcher, and you channel your message, Hey, are you feeling this? This is how we can help you because unless you want to go to heaven sooner, here is how we can help you flourish on Earth. start from the seasons.

Robert Peterson 24:12 

That's powerful. it's challenging, I suppose it's kind of niching down and really finding your market. who it is that you really serve. more and more I've come to recognize that that's helpful in the beginning for early entrepreneurs, especially because of the language. Your language is more natural with the people that you understand at a deeper level. For many people, in the beginning, they don't, they just aren't intentional enough about choosing who they serve, and what it is that they provide for them. niching can be such a such a challenge that now for you, let's go back typically I've everyone started with their own entrepreneurial journey but now we're 23 minutes in and we haven't talked about candidates journey, so tell us a little bit about your journey through marketing and serving in companies but then starting your own starting your own companies.

Kenneth Yu 25:24 

By the grace of, I'm not even from a city, the major city in Malaysia. I'm actually from a small town in the jungles of Borneo, so it's a small little town. Not many people spoke English. I always had a passion for language and for writing and an affinity for languages. I studied film, as I did film studies in, in university in college, studying Japanese and you may actually, so I did my honors thesis on Japanese anime. I work for a company called Ogilvie, you may have heard that it's one of the biggest ad agencies in the world. Was there for three four years, I actually won about 12 advertising awards worldwide, my ads are still part of some textbooks. People are still studying my ads in college and stuff. My ads are part of textbooks. I went to a company called Mindvalley. After that, I'm not sure if you heard of Mindvalley. It's the biggest personal development company in the world. I was their first copywriter. We pioneered funnels, we pioneered email copywriting, we pioneered, otiose and upsells. all those things. Did that for a couple of years. Did they agree with the company's direction? my wife and I, my wife also worked there, we stepped out in faith. Then when we stepped out, we were supposed to finance a wedding that was two or three months away. What we did was we basically created our own eCourse on Twitter marketing, because we were actually getting a lot of traction on Twitter during that time. When we launched it, there was about a month before the wedding, we broke even in five minutes, we made money. Basically, we made money within half an hour, basically, we profited half an hour. we financed the wedding, another man became a six figure business in three months. We managed to finance our wedding about 13 years ago. Then we created the first email copywriting product, we created the first Twitter marketing product. We realized where the money was, at that time, was the corporations, the digital marketing for the corporate space, especially in Malaysia because we were the cutting edge of what we did in the industry. we took that competitive advantage, we started marketing to a much bigger company. we're talking about McDonald's, Fujitsu, the major banks, Groupon, we had all these major clients., and that's how we made money for about 10 years. We serve corporate clients on that level. We trade corporate clients as wellI noticed a good friend recently, So I was supposed to do that for one of the big banks, and then they flaked on me, and I guess it is out to everyone. We're about 99 sales, by the way, so it was quite a decent promotion. It made sales fun studying my trip to the US now. We did that. I actually have that corporate structure thing. Basically, I know how to train corporations and, and put things in syllabuses and everything. Then, again, we had to keep adapting again, recognize the seasons, Especially when you're in digital type economies. Things change really fast. they evolve technology. Usually you make a lot of money in two or three years, and then the whole market catches up and everything starts plummeting to the ground., what was a $30,000 project became a $3,000 project., you had problems wherever IBM themselves come to you you're the big giant billion dollar company, IBM flush with Warren Buffett's money telling you I can only afford a landing page for $3,000 If you don't do it, my Indian team will do it. Then, recognize the seasons we got out of that. Went back to info publishing because we left that for a while. Then we started WWDC. We have all these info products, holy grail, scalable parables, gravitational courses, which are called Fire clients. We may fire clients and I'm not sure if you've seen the Uh, emails for that. Fire clients will be happening in two weeks., and it's a far, far less stressful existence than the last three years have been. While challenging in some respects, business wise has been the best of my life., I make more than I did in the agency and my new we were a big agency, we'd to enforce stuff. we make more, we have a 95% profit margin because we only hire other stuff. your business models that your wealth models actually matter. this is, this is a really scalable model,

Robert Peterson 30:38 

I want to dig into your clients because it's one of my interests. I love the concept of being able to tell clients, , work with people you want to work with. I know your fire, your clients, is a little bigger than that. I've only seen hints. What more can you share?

Kenneth Yu 31:36 

It's a totally different model. Basically, it means that your company is client optional. It means that if you want clients fine, because you do surveys, you do have joy from working people one on one and whatnot, as a coach and whatnot. That's an option. You don't have to. Nice. It's a client free business model. Yes.

Robert Peterson 32:01 

All So you mentioned your wedding. You mentioned financing your wedding, and you and your wife have been together for a little while. I want to sidetrack just a little bit. What's your most memorable date?

Kenneth Yu 32:16 

Wow, okay. My most memorable date lately has been the one most recently that was about them just last Sunday. Nice. we were under Penang, we were on the Hill in Penang, which is somewhere in Malaysia. it's the top of the hill, we will stay in a hotel. This hill does not really have transport. Everything you need to walk from our hotel to the restaurant is a jungle trip. It's actually a jungle trail to get to the restaurant so the proper role is a freaking you're going into the jungle that ravines and snakes and everything but so what I was halfway, halfway to in that journey, it started to rain. In Asia, torrential rain, so we were caught in the rain. we were stuck on the hill, we couldn't come back down because it was very slippery and stuff. we realized that our force didn't have enough battery. It was an adventure. we had to find shelter, all drench and wet. Then we managed to go to the restaurant in the end, dried up a bit and went to the restaurant. When we came back, it was total darkness after the restaurant, and my battery was at 10%. We pray because if the battery goes out it is literally pitch darkness. The ravine was next to us, you can die, it's so that's how I spent my birthday., pretty down. I'll have another one.

Robert Peterson 33:57 

Wow, that's definitely memorable.

Kenneth Yu 34:02 

Yes, it stays memorable. Yes.

Robert Peterson 34:06 

So do you have routines that serve you and that you consider non-negotiables in your day?

Kenneth Yu 34:16 

I do spend a bit of time with the Lord in the morning to just wake up and spend a bit of time with the Lord. Have my cup of coffee journal? I do try to make my day as boring as possible., so I do, I used to wear ties a lot more stressful and, way 24 stuff I used to schedule my day in 15 minute or 30 minute intervals. we got really tight. I don't do that anymore. I'm a little bit more relaxed now. I plan everything in advance by at least a year. That's another thing we do, we need some sort of structure. The one thing I do is very simple. Basically, what you're doing today is any one thing you're doing today going to move your business forward or your mission forward tomorrow. That's it, and then you just do it, it could be a small thing that could be a big tick by compounds, So after 265 days, three years, four years, results stack upon one another.

Robert Peterson 35:34 

Absolutely. compounding effect works. With your time and with your money.

Kenneth Yu 35:41 

Amen to that.

Robert Peterson 35:44 

So obviously, write your own damn check, who is speaking into the pain of the situation, the fear of the government, the angst of the situation? you still had to generate leads, you still had to generate an audience. Obviously, there's both the push and pull of attracting, , putting yourself out there where people are attracted to you and coming to you. Then, of course, trying to, I guess, work with others, dentists and sharing, joint venture type, note type situations where, where you're tapping into their audiences, what's been the most effective tool for building an audience for, for sharing your message?

Kenneth Yu 36:38 

I do on a macro level, I will say, I'll show you what works for me. what works for me may not work for you, So on a macro level, you just have to find a funnel that fits your strengths. that's, whatever it is. If you're an analytical type that doesn't like people and whatnot, then don't go on social media, just, do your paid traffic and whatnot. , initially, it's never a good idea to rely on one funnel, but, but the first funnel that brings in the cash that brings in the numbers, is what you build off on. My father is very simple. I create products that affiliates promote, because it generates huge numbers for them. For me, I have numbers and the numbers came because of the warm traffic that got in., I had audiences because I use Facebook a lot. I just talked a lot about stuff. Then I opened the door and people came in, but that audience fed you indefinitely, it's good for a surge. probably my first six figures, probably from the warm audience, but after unique, colder forms of traffic already. that's when the partnerships come in, you actually say, Hey, I have these numbers. These are my EPCs, these are my EO V's. Do you want to promote me or not? And that's why Dennis was promoted. , even though we share the same surname and stuff, we're actually good friends and stuff. I shouldn't be seeing him in San Diego, and I'm there., the numbers drive the action, actually.

Robert Peterson 38:12 

 Of course, if it's mutually beneficial, why wouldn't why wouldn't other entrepreneurs say, Hey, I, first of all, we're gonna lighten it, because we agree, basic principles, and then he's got this great product that can help you and serve you., and we're friends. why not create something that's mutually beneficial, where we're, we're both people, sharing the joy of success. that's where the best business models share the joy in much bigger ways than then, some people will, I'll give you 10% I'll give you the small percent in the small pieces in there, because there's so caught in this scarcity, where says, sharing 3040 50% models, people get more excited about it. then there's more movement, and the numbers grow much faster. That leaning into abundance is beneficial for everybody. What's what's helped you to see abundance to not feel? Scarcity?

Kenneth Yu 39:33 

No, God is a God of abundance. He has blessed me so far. I usually stay in my own lane., I'm too busy to engage in the gossip of the industry and whatnot. what I realize is, you do the work, especially we do the work with the Lord's direction because you can do the work and, you're, you can you can do the work build House and it's on sand, But you're going to build a house and it's on rock. As long as you build on rock success is inevitable., let's make sure that the foundations are wherever they are. be a god be from a character standpoint or be from a business standpoint, be from a positioning standpoint, then you build it, your success will come I

Robert Peterson 40:26 

I love that. you mentioned character there, you mentioned a foundation, how valuable is character and, and the ability to be authentic? Authentic, there's a lot of people, especially on social media, trying to fake the retina, big retina, big house for a weekend and in a fancy car and taking all these pictures to fill their social profiles with, with social proof, but, but they're really not. They're really not living that. How important is authenticity and character, and how has that helped you and your business?

Kenneth Yu 41:05 

 For me, what I teach my students is happiness is Instagram reality, reflecting not sorry. Happiness is defined as your inner world reflecting Instagram reality. That there is no difference within the Instagram reality you have and the world inside you. you have nice cars or vacation but really, that genuinely happy and joyful, then that's great. That's happiness, because it's where I was outside is reflected on the inside. When I take the photos I do, I travel the world, seeing the people I see impacting the lives I impact, it genuinely gives me joy. If I don't do poorly on social media, and nobody genuinely comes with joy, and a character is just a matter of, you lead into whatever the God, wherever God when, where God wants to take you., I shouldn't be a lot more successful 10 years ago, I'm seeing all the success in my 40s Because in my 30s I just didn't have the character to sustain it. the character does it. a lot of time he says you don't know what you don't know. a lot of times is ignorance more than anything else. let, let God do let us do as we're finding work.

Robert Peterson 42:27 

Nice. Ken, what do you love to do in your free time besides walking the muddy jungle?

Kenneth Yu 42:36 

I watch a lot of TV. I'm fasting on TV this week, hopefully.

Robert Peterson 42:41 

So far.

Kenneth Yu 42:43 

it's not, it's a bit hard., I have a state of the art 4k with a PS five. These headphones are state of the art headphonesI am doing that. I used to be a film student, So I appreciate film on a deep level. I appreciate art on a deep level. I am not at museums, I am at art galleries. I like musicals. that's those are the things I, actually

Robert Peterson 43:12 

All of those things lead to the power of story. Yes, that's true. The power of story is really what marketing is, is to tell the world about yourself and being able to tell the world how you solve their problem. Why are you their holy grail?

Kenneth Yu 43:31 

It's true. it's all fertilizer, really.

Robert Peterson 43:39 

All you gotta tell me more.

Kenneth Yu 43:42 

Everything is fertilizer for the adversary, the harvest or creativity of ideas. ideas are essentially, only God can build something out of nothing. We are sculptors. We need material to cover, to sculpt and to make something so we need material. if you're not exposed to anything, really do ideas, music, even the revelations of God and everything they got nothing to scout ever gonna do. You have nothing to offer the world.

Kenneth Yu 44:21 

So, it's just a matter of adding material. the more you have, the more things you can scout.

Robert Peterson 44:28 

Nice. I do that. many so many powerful, powerful things. All obviously, I know the answer: what inspires you?

Kenneth Yu 44:44 

What inspires me is seeing people's lives impacted by my work and basically, living the mission that God has given me. It's one thing to live a mission In faith, and it's great to do it my favorites, but it's another thing to also walk by sight, basically see the fruits of your labor. That is very satisfying. Living on God's green earth for 41 years, it's good to see fruits, and not just regrets and mistakes and consequences., and as long as your fruits outweigh the consequences, your life is a good barometer for living life.

Robert Peterson 45:36 

Absolutely. How important is playing fun in building your business?

Kenneth Yu 45:45 

Oh, it's not important at all, actually. Your business should be boring, your business shouldn't be fun. Personally, a business is a machine. If your machine is very fun, breaks down or it's not consistent, then there's a problem. For me, if I make my business Bobby, I get my kicks elsewhere. You outsource your cakes, you outsource your drama elsewhere, your business is a machine. Your Business shouldn't be interesting. A business should bring in $1 a day. Sometimes he brings $3. Sometimes it brings $4 As if he's 21. at least he brings that $1 a day.

Robert Peterson 46:29 

Nice. One of the things I encourage people to is, is design the life that you want, and then build the business to support it. That sounds similar to what you talked about. The business should be boring, it's a machine to create the revenue to support the life that you want.

Kenneth Yu 46:49 

Yep. then make your life as interesting and as fruitful as possible. your business has enabled it.

Robert Peterson 46:59 

 that makes your life fruitful. Which is really, that's what Scripture tells us. You'll be known by your future. Yep. It's you, many of us are known by our consequences.

Kenneth Yu 47:12 

Which is unfortunate, 

Robert Peterson 47:15 

Oh, absolutely. I love that you and your wife have a similar mission and a similar passion and how is working together in those areas in Mission supported you or grown? I guess, Napoleon Hill hints at the idea that marriage masterminds are the power of two. I dig into that when I hear couples that are doing that power together., and using both of their minds for a singular purpose. Adds a level of intensity and power. Can you speak to that from your experience?

Kenneth Yu 48:01 

So for me, it's the power of agreement, the power of agreement from a process of disagreement, then the agreement is stronger., we're two different people or whatnot. working together, it's not it's a calling as well. It's not for all couples, I don't believe all couples should be in business together because of your strengths or weaknesses, your character, your traits. Entrepreneurship is a very different thing. There's a certain drive to a bar, we have the drive, it's great if one of you is the driver, there is a push pull, it can be challenging. , it's not as challenging, there are boundaries, but if one is an entrepreneur, one is a above in business, you're insistent a a business together, you can cause quite serious harm., and so for us, it's just, we're just so somehow blessed that we can work together, were somehow blessed that we have synergy in whatever we do. That's God's grace. I don't think there's a secret formula other than we got together, it's so happened, that we can work together

Robert Peterson 49:12 

nice. The synergy and the calling is important too. no, there are entrepreneurs who can be called. there's many that are ignoring the call, but there's many that just aren't aren't getting the call. Obviously we still need employees, we still need people, running, helping all these other companies as well. jobs are, there's nothing wrong with a job if that's what you're built for, if that's your comfort level, but for those that want to step out, and they want to solve a problem in the world, and that's the piece where you and your wife started right, you recognize that? Look, we were having this great success on Twitter, we could teach people this Twitter thing. you saw the problem in the marketplace that you had created a solution for, and you put it out there. That's really the root of entrepreneurship at the most basic level, and, and people just have to recognize, in their own experience, that they've solved a problem that other people need help with. They can create a course or they can create a way to transfer, transfer their knowledge that they've experienced in a way that helps people and benefits people. Yep. , part of me believes entrepreneurs are going to save the world because of entrepreneurs you and entrepreneurs Dennis who, who have a mission to impact so many more lives within there's so much more agile, Dennis, his goal is to employ a million people. I know you and your wife have nation transformation goals, where you want to raise people out of poverty, as well and create opportunities for people., that's the that's the piece of entrepreneurship where we're, you build this big business because because you want to impact more lives, and, and make make a bigger transformation in the world. Yep, that's true. All What's your big dream Kenneth?

Kenneth Yu 51:40 

My big dream is to see the prophetic and business because business right is unpredictable, meaning the marketplace is unpredictable, no one foresaw COVID, no one foresaw. You really don't know what the issues are in the future, because if God can tell you what the issues of the future are, and you position yourself accordingly, you reap the rewards. The way Joseph did refer, or Daniel did with a king, Egypt, basically, is an issue that arose out of a prophetic dream. For me, it's how do I use the power of prophecy to exploit the business that I create? Change? And, I'm working on a book on it. Actually, I just don't have time to do itI'm actually working on something.

Robert Peterson 52:45 

Nice. I do it. I don't think we explore the business side of those stories enough. clearly, Joseph, and Daniel, and many others, even Solomon in the building of the temple., those were business transactions., and, and acquired, required so many other people's involvement in the business. When they listened to God, they were blessed. when they didn't listen to God, their businesses, declared bankruptcy, or just disappeared.. Wow, that's fantastic. So we've just been chatting with these entrepreneurs for the last 50 minutes or so. you want to leave them with kennis Words of Wisdom, what would you share?

Kenneth Yu 53:34 

Right to them check. Across the WWDC and, and basically the ethos, this world we're living in is volatile. it is uncertain. we need to be as prepared as possible for it. there's a Tear Sheet, I'm not sure if you actually saw it. It's in the groups as soon as I use it, the emails and stuff that my mother in law passed away last year. In fact, two sets of mother in laws passed away the same day, four hours apart. Wow. my sister's mother in law and my mother in law, passed away four hours apart, same cancer, exact same cancer four hours apart. My parents were attending two sets of funerals on the same day. loss., think about death. Is that and the process of grief is that causes you to think a lot and it causes you to just have a lot of questions., and a lot of things and he had a few conclusions. One of the conclusions that I came to is that life is too short for inferior frameworks. Life's too short for inferior frameworks, because, for instance, If you can be in business, but if your business users are inferior framework, you spent 10 years 20 years of your life in business, because, you spent as long as you did 3040 years, if you're built on the wrong framework, and you end up broke at the end of of it, that's life wasted, it's, and, in contrast to, so at this framework, which was, the agency, which was doing okay, for me, was doing fine for me. Then, I spent 10 years doing it, I don't regret it as much. If I were to continue on this framework, where it's actually an inferior framework, I'll just be frustrated and drowning in burnout, and whatever coping mechanisms I worked on. now because I switch my framework

Kenneth Yu 55:51 

I actually make more. she made more in the last few months, I did the whole year last year. Imagine the time say for that, 

Robert Peterson 56:00 

Last year was a great year.

Kenneth Yu 56:03 

Last year was an OK year, the year before was fantastic. My mother in law passed away. , it was a great year with only seven figures.. We didn't cross seven figures last year, we crossed our fingers the year before. we're actually making more now in three months, we did the whole last year, which is insane. of frameworks. That means you speed up, you accelerate the timeline. , it's not just a business, it's in marriage as well. Your marriages are working. you're spending your whole life with this other person, you better change your frameworks, change your frameworks for parenting, change your frameworks for addictions, change your frameworks for productivity. God has only given you a finite time, it's a bit longer than 60 years now, it's probably closer to 80. you only have 80 years. One of my mentors, Jackson Jack, is Mr. Toilet. He has given 2 billion people toilets, he is permitted to be centered, the toilets are 2 billion people. He's going to be on Netflix, actually, in the next few months. it's a Netflix special, actually. he took a he actually has a countdown timer for his life at 80. He only says only this amount of days, this amount hours, this amount of whatever is left. then I'm going to die. Or at least I'm going to be useless, because you're gonna die, but you're not going to be very useful. That's how we should live. if you actually sleep, okay, I'll leave this finite amount of lives, then all my frameworks need to change. It needs to be more effective, more powerful, faster, quicker, easier. deliver faster results. I only have this amount of life to create an impact on Earth.

Robert Peterson 57:57 

Live a life that matters, Live a life impact rather than live a life by default.

Kenneth Yu 58:04 

The problem is if you use the inferior frame Free Will you never live a live impact because you're trying to survive. Impact only happens when you drive. Impact only happens from abundance and overflow. if you don't overflow, you're living from month to month, Okay, I need to eat ramen noodles this month. you're never thinking about your fellow man. I need to feed my family for this one. you can't even extend the extra hand because you're so you're so mired in poverty and so mired in lack and don't blame you or whoever in that situation is not degradation of any kind. The reality is, if you want to change the world, you need to overcome yourself.

Robert Peterson 58:56 

Absolutely. Abundance, you need abundance to make an impact. Scripture talks about the cup. If the cups are not overflowing, you have to use what's in the cup to take care of yourself.

Kenneth Yu 59:13 

No. It is 

Robert Peterson 59:17 

Can I thank you so much for taking the time this late in the evening to hang out with us to share so much wisdom and value. I appreciate you and we'll definitely share how people can find you. I know you're on Facebook and in the links below. I just want people to be able to find you and people to be able to start learning from you.

Kenneth Yu 59:42 

sounds good. Happy to have more people on the phone.

Robert Peterson 59:48 

 I appreciate you taking the time tonight. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful night. I look forward to future opportunities for collaborating.

Kenneth Yu 59:59 

All If God bless