Greg & Katie Kiss

share with Robert and Noelle the blessings of starting their own business and how their growth has created opportunities for them to partner together. They are all about creating experiences for their client. They create culture with their team which helps them to be a place that people want to work. They are passionate about serving people and giving them an experience with each visit.

A little bit about Greg & Katie...

Greg and Katie are married retired nine to fivers who run 2 full service spas and sell commercial insurance, they enjoy spending their days with their 12 year old soccer star daughter Ava Lynn, and their “zoo” of cats and dogs. 

Greg, Katie and Ava also enjoy snowboarding in the winter, visiting their favorite New England spots in the summer, and traveling whenever possible whether it be for business, sports, or leisure. They are truly a family that’s constantly on the go.

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Greg & Katie Kiss
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