Tony & Allison Liddle

share about the challenges of buying a dying business. Building a business is about being yourself and for Tony and Allison that means their family is involved - so the office is a place where kids play and their golden retriever sits in on meetings.

A little bit about Tony & Allison...

Tony: At an early age, Tony had already decided he wanted to pursue a career in finance. Part of this decision stemmed from the forethought of his grandfather, Vincent “Bimp” Baker, a prize-winning cattle farmer from Edmund, Wisconsin. He left Tony a legacy to assist with his college education. During his childhood, Tony watched the growth of that account. This is where his interest in the stock market and finance began. That first investment from “Grandpa Baker” paid the college expenses for both Tony and his brother, Geof. And it ultimately determined Tony’s career and passion for finance. Tony graduated from Michigan Technological University with a degree in Finance.

Tony is CEO and Financial Advisor of Prosper Wealth Management and holds his Series 7, 65, and Life and Health Insurance licenses.

He and his wife, Allison live in Wausau, Wisconsin with their two children. Tony loves being a dad. He is often found building forts, playing superheroes, or pretending he is a prince for his little princess. Tony and his wife treasure the time they can spend with their two young children and golden retriever. He also enjoys exploring and enjoying the outdoors, especially boating on a little lake in northern Wisconsin. Tony is an avid Packer fan with Aaron Rodgers being his all-time favorite player. He is crossing his fingers that he will get to meet him in person someday.

Allison is a highly motivated, organized, and educated leader. An entrepreneur that believes that as John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Her passion is to help others grow and thrive personally and professionally.

Allison has been instrumental in Prosper Wealth Management receiving national media coverage. in Forbes, USA Today, Women’s Choice Financial Advisor Award Winner, CEO World, and many other media outlets.

Allison is most proud of her title as a mom. In her free time her favorite people to spend time with are her husband, Tony, and two children. She’s often found exploring children’s museums and parks with her children and her younger sister, Anika. Allison enjoys working out, practicing yoga, and laughing. She is always reading and learning something new.

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Tony & Allison Liddle
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