Lisa Jimenez

shares about finding your authentic self and releasing your gift to the world, and it starts with knowing what you want. Ask yourself, “What if it is fun?” You become the story you tell yourself, so speak well to yourself. She shares five truths to reset your mindset.

A little bit about Lisa...

Lisa Jimenez helps entrepreneurs harness the power of their mind to bust through hidden barriers, tap their inner wisdom, jump out of bed with renewed purpose, and grow their income and impact. She believes the single most important characteristic of a successful person is a positive belief system. Her work is centered around mindset— the hidden beliefs that determine behavior—and helping people reprogram those beliefs and create quantum leaps in their productivity and results.

Lisa is best known for her Mastermind Retreats, where she takes her clients to cities around the globe and creates a luxury immersion experience of her Mindset Reset Formula. Graduates of these Retreats have become influencers in their industry, top producers, published bestselling books, and taken their companies global.

Her bestselling books, Conquer Fear, Slay the Dragon, and Mindset Reset have sold more than a quarter million copies and are translated into multiple languages. She has a Masters of Education from Florida Atlantic Education, where she also started her doctoral work in Psychology. She is an avid reader and takes continual education classes every year.

Lisa lives in Southern California with her husband Jeff, has three grown children, and is passionate about travel, spirituality, and learning how to play the ukulele for her future grand babies!

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Lisa Jimenez
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