Lux Narayan

and Robert discuss the power of humor in connection and three important characteristics all of us should develop; curiosity, empathy and humility. He wants to help increase engagement with live video, so that presenters can interact virtually with their live audience

A little bit about Lux...

 Lux Narayan believes that "So, what do you do?" is a tough question to answer and should certainly not be answered with the current title on your LinkedIn profile. In 2021, he published "Name, Place, Animal, Thing", an Amazon bestseller- to help people answer this dreaded question. He enjoys mining the intersections of various spheres of life and work, speaking of which... He is the CEO and a co-founder at StreamAlive, a category-defining, fun and engaging web application that helps livestreams and live events on Zoom, YouTube Live, in-person, and everything in between literally come alive. With the ability to plan, track, increase, and analyze engagement simply through the live chat, StreamAlive's goal is to help presenters and creators move their audiences from bored-away to blown-away. Prior to founding StreamAlive, and prior to a creative and personal break, Lux was a co-founder and the CEO at Unmetric right up to their acquisition by Cision, the world’s largest “earned media platform” that’s now a part of Platinum Equity, a $20bn+ private equity group. He is a perpetual learner of "stuff' -- from origami and molecular gastronomy to stand-up and improv comedy. He enjoys reading obituaries and has given a talk on the TED main stage - on lessons from 2000 obituaries. This talk has been viewed over 2 million times and translated into every majorly spoken language.

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Lux Narayan
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