Marissa Nehlsen

is passionate about helping to end poverty. She believes that poverty exists in five forms, emotional, relational, spiritual, physical and financial. She shares her journey from less than nothing to tremendous success and believes her gift is to help others on the journey to freedom. 

A little bit about Marissa...

Marissa is a money and business strategist. Over her 28 year career she has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide, learn the systems, structures and strategies that teach, not just the "what and why", but the "how to", to minimize their taxes and maximize their profits.

As a money and business strategist, Marissa has been recognized as one of the nations leading experts on building wealth, minimizing taxes and repositioning profits.

She has built multiple multi-million dollar companies for herself and thousands of her clients.

As an active philanthropist, when she isn't helping business owners future proof their businesses around the world, she can be found on her mountain, changing lives in Costa Rica through the Foundation of Latin America.

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Instagram: @marissanehlsen

Facebook: @marissa.nehlsen

Linkedin: in/marissa-nehlsen

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Marissa Nehlsen
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