Mark Savant

talks about the power of podcasting in creating relationships, growing businesses and generating additional streams of revenue. Podcasts are a great platform for sharing stories and helping others through the power fo story.

A little bit about Mark...

Mark Savant began podcasting about 5 years ago. People started paying him to help grow their podcasts and Mark Savant Media was born. He offers podcast consulting, launch kits, and production. He also supports podcasters through a private mastermind community.

The Podcast Savant Mastermind program offers clarity to podcasters via monthly training, support, promotion, networking and more. If you’ve ever felt lost or lonely on your podcast journey, this network solves that problem

He’s a passionate father, husband, and community leader. He believes the more you give the more you receive.

Make podcasting simple, book a call with Mark today at

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Instagram: /marksavantmedia

Facebook: /MarkSavantMedia

LinkedIn: /mark-savant-ba777145

YouTube: /UC2ePGMF5jsWze1sc0Gftf4w

Twitter: /marksavantmedia

TikTok: /@marksavantmedia

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Mark Savant
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