Mary Gaul

speaks about connection, collaboration and contribution. She shares about the power of celebration in reprogramming the mind for success. Is your business’ birthday on your calendar? How are you celebrating it? One of the most powerful ways to find your niche, or ideal client is to ask yourself, how do you feel energetically after you have spoken with someone?

A little bit about Mary...

Mary Gaul, owner of Success Magnified, a certified business coach, author and speaker, helps business owners create profitable and fulfilling businesses, built around systems and accountability, so they can have time to enjoy life too!   Using the power of collaboration and celebration to help entrepreneurs impact their bottom line, their families, and their communities, Mary facilitates conversations individually or in groups, asking questions, acting as a thought partner, and providing resources to help them gain clarity, finding practical solutions and new ideas for growth and success – all while having some fun! 

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Mary Gaul
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