Michelle Mras

shares about rewriting the story of her past - finding strength in her intelligence and taking full responsibility for her life. She genuinely cares for others and wants to help everyone she touches find the story inside them and help them release it to help the world.

A little bit about Michelle...

Michelle is a survivor of multiple life challenges to include a Traumatic Brain Injury and Breast Cancer. She guides others to recognize the innate gifts within them, stop apologizing for what they are not and step into who they truly are… Unapologetically.

She accomplishes this through one-on-one and group coaching, Training events, Keynote talks, her books, and Podcasts.

Michelle has been awarded the Inspirational Women of Excellence Award from the Women Economic Forum, New Delhi, India; the John Maxwell Team Culture Award for Positive Attitude; Winner of the Ultimate Speaker Competition and has speaking parts in a few SyFy movies check the IMDB.com database for her; has been featured on hundreds of Podcasts, radio programs, magazines, quoted in books and has a habit of breaking out into song.

Michelle’s driving thought is that every day is a gift. Tomorrow is never promised. Every moment is an opportunity to be the best version of you… Unapologetically!

Check out more of Michelle

Website: MichelleMras.com 

Inspirational videos:  YouTube.com/MichelleMras

Denim & Pearls podcast: bit.ly/3gYHBzu

Mental Shift on TNC Now /playlist?list=PLAkbmMOlqev0CbVMleqlJMIT0HS_uHML

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Michelle Mras
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