Mike McCafferty

and I have a conversation about the inner critic, the voice in our head, that for him and I both sounds like a Marine Corps drill instructor. We dig into the origin story of the inner critic and how to defuse the power of the voice and reprogram it for our own benefit.

A little bit about Mike ...

Mike is an IPEC certified Personal Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor with his own private practice. Prior to entering private practice, he was the Director of the Intensive Treatment Unit at the Wyoming Women’s Prison, a counselor at various drug rehabs and group homes throughout the country, and in Student Services at the University of Wyoming & Eastern Wyoming College. 

In addition to his Master of Arts degrees in Counseling Psychology and Organizational Development, Mike is also certified in Conflict Resolution and as a Family Mediation Trainer. 

He spends most of his leisure time annoying his adult children and grandsons. He also enjoys time with his wife Shannon, writing and laughing – a lot.

Please like or comment on his Facebook page @mikemccaffertycoaching. Mike posts a new three-to-four-minute video every week. Topics range from dealing with your Inner Critic to a wide variety of self-improvement topics of interest. Feel free to submit your topic and he’ll address it in a future post. 

In the months ahead, Mike will launch his live, signature course, based on his new book, Win the War with Your Inner Critic

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Website: Mikemccaffertycoaching.com

Book Win the War with Your Inner Critic, is available on Amazon

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Mike McCafferty