Mary Kathryn Johnson

talks about her journey starting with tshirt celebrating pregnancy. When her first business floundered she went through an identity crisis before starting over and learned more about marketing and online funnels which led her to create automation tools for the marketing process. Today she empowers and teaches others how to build their business through her courses and podcasts.

A little bit about Mary Kathryn...

Mary Kathryn Johnson is a business and automation Futurist. As an experienced conversational marketing agency owner, and conversational design strategist and mentor, MKJ has helped hundreds of freelancers, technicians and entrepreneurs move their mindset while increasing profits through automation. Nicknamed “ChatBotMom” by her community, MKJ is a Mindset Impact Strategic Catalyst Helping Innovative Entrepreneurs FOCUS. Using her 19 years of online business expertise, she helps entrepreneurs create massive impact and profits through her MISCHIEF Success Path.

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Facebook: /ChatBotMom

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LinkedIn: /mommyloves

Twitter: /ParentEPower


Youtube: /MaryKathrynJohnsonMommyLoves

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Mary Kathryn Johnson
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