Guided Transformation

An 8-week focused journey designed to transform you and your business from a leadership perspective   

What you'll get:

  • Week 1 - We assess your business model and processes to determine gaps from a time and energy perspective. We triage and prioritize what needs attention first.
  • Week 2 & 3 - We deep dive into your systems for possible upgrades
    • attracting leads
    • converting clients
    • delivering services
    • collecting payment
  • Week 4 & 5  - We establish critical habits for shifting your thinking, to better lead yourself and your company. We establish healthy goals for change and design your business to serve your life.
  • Week 6 & 7 - We execute and adjust based on implementation.
  • Week 8 - We finalize a long-term strategy, create milestones for celebration, and establish a plan for your continued growth as a leader.

Thinking determines your beliefs which determine your actions

$1,997.00 USD

For clients who have entered into any Business Owner Transformation Program with us, we offer a weekly group coaching call that they can participate in as an add-on for $247/mth.

  • These calls create an opportunity for a weekly accountability check-in.
  • Personal Development
  • Time for a mastermind around particular issues in your business.
  • Participation with like-minded entrepreneurs dealing with similar issues.
  • A great option for continued coaching if you have completed a program.