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How to Get 5-10 Hours Each Week.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so stressed out at the end of the week?

We can tell you it is not because you are working too hard but rather because you are spending too much energy on tasks you shouldn't.

A review and shift of focus in your calendar and mindset can be the difference between overwhelm and joy... or NOT!

Just $97 to get started takikng control of your life.

Dream Life Planner: Move From Tired and Overwhelmed to Free and Empowered


Digital Copy of the

Dream Life Planner 

You'll learn through activities such as:
  • How to evaluate your dream and visioneer your future life
  • How to reprogram your limiting beliefs
  • How to audit your relationships
  • How to audit your calendar and prioritize your to-do list
  • and many more activities to create the new you that you desire
Now, when you order your copy of the Dream Life Planner you also get
  • BONUS #1. A strategy call

30 minutes with the Smiling Coaching Couple to review your current situation and offer ideas for steps moving forward.

  • BONUS #2. access to the 5 Day Dream Challenge

 An online course guiding you through 5 activities to kick start your Dream Life transformation

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What People Are Saying:

This book inspired me to learn more and push myself to become better in all aspects of my life. You get so content with how you are when there is so much more you can do and become


I think the greatest crime when can ever commit as to die without at least trying to fulfill the dreams that God placed in your spirit. This book is a necessary tool to help women (and even men) Think twice before abandoning their dreams. Subtitle says it all, “ move from tired and overwhelmed to free and empowered.“ This is a great gift idea to the woman in your life struggles to balance home, career, children, and husband often finding no time to dream. Let this book help you enter your destiny, an easy read, five stars.


If you are looking for a succinct, organized way to start designing your dream life, Noelle's book is an excellent start. I especially like how she mapped out the visioneering, prompting the reader to consider who you want to be and what you want to do, have, support and leave in various aspects of life. I look forward to fully implementing the steps laid out in this easy to follow book.