Polly Letofsky

talks about her journey, literally around the world, and how that journey inspired her to start her company to help others tell their stories without being pick pocketed or robbed by companies making promises they can’t fulfill. Authors have rights and they need to protect them and she is creating standards and a team of coaches to help elevate the world of self publishing.

A little bit about Polly...

Polly Letofsky was 37 years old when she sold everything she owned, left her home in Colorado home and started heading west – by foot – to become the first woman to walk around the world.  She walked across four continents, twenty-two countries, and over 14-thousand miles. 

Over her five years of walking and living one step out of her comfort zone every day, she developed a set of skills in goal setting, creating a clear vision, problem solving, adapting to culture, and team-building. When she wrote her book about walking around the world and got ripped off in the publishing world, that launched her into taking those newly developed skills to start a new business -- My Word Publishing, a company that helps authors professionally self-publish their books while maintaining 100% of all their rights. My Word Publishing has now grown into a publishing library of over 700 books, ten publishing consultants, 35 editors, and representing authors from 14 countries.  

How does one take a childhood dream of walking around the world into owning a publishing company? Stay tuned.

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My Word Publishing:  mywordpublishing.com

Walk Around the World Website:  PollyLetofsky.com

LinkedIn:  /pollyletofsky

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