Rob Angel

shares the story of the creative process of creating the iconic board game Pictionary. He also shares his journey of personal growth and success.

A little bit about Rob...

Rob Angel is the creator of Pictionary® and author of GAME CHANGER: The Story of Pictionary and How I Turned a Simple Idea into the Bestselling Board Game in the World (Amplify/June 2020).

In 1985, while waiting tables in Seattle, WA, Rob found his “aardvark” and began his seventeen-year adventure with Pictionary, the phenomenally successful and iconic board game. From using his college-worn Merriam Webster’s paperback dictionary, a No.2 pencil and a yellow legal pad to create the first Pictionary word list, to putting together the first 1000 games by hand in his tiny apartment, to licensing the game around the world, Rob and his partners would go on to sell 38,000,000 games in 60 countries before selling Pictionary to Mattel in 2001.

Today, Rob Angel is an entrepreneur, explorer, investor, philanthropist, and sought-after speaker on a mission to help others create their own success and best life by taking their first small step. 

From running with the bulls to swimming with sharks and parachuting out of airplanes, Rob seeks out adventure and aardvarks wherever he goes. He is the proud father of Sam and Ben. Pictionary® is a registered trademark of Mattel, Inc.

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