Samantha Kennedy

and I talk about making shifts. She created her social media company to survive COVID and now it has become her passion. She uses her gifts in running her own social to now teach other business owners or provides done for you social to help busy business owners who never feel they have the time.

A little bit about Samantha...

Samantha is a social media strategist and coach supporting established business owners who no longer have the capacity to manage their social media on their own. Through training and done-for-you services, she takes social off their plates and frees up hours of their time to get back to their business.

In 2011, she successfully grew her first company from the ground up through creative marketing strategy, a strong online presence, excellent communication, and the development of authentic connections with customers and her team.

Starting out as a company of one (herself) serving one client, she quickly grew to a team of over 50, serving hundreds of customers in multiple states, with a thriving and engaged social media following.

Optimizing and expertly managing my social media accounts was a huge contributor to her agency's success. Now, she dedicates her skills in business development to supporting other entrepreneurs in establishing a strong online presence that feels aligned with who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

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Samantha Kennedy
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