D Scott Smith

had a wonderful conversation about the power of media and marketing to propel your message. Scott goes live on multiple platforms to promote his message and continues to use podcasts and live casts to help others grow. He is an expert in creating authority and community.

A little bit about Scott...

Scott has a program to guide people through publishing a book, online course, and webinar in 12 weeks (or less). It follows the format in my book, “Influence: Creation of Credibility” available on Amazon.

I am offering a discount of $200/month for 4 months for your listeners. They can save up to $800.

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Discount Code: AV2L (direct link which includes the discount: dscottsmith.com/offers/oqEEHQcB?coupon_code=AV2L)

He has a free DIY course as well. Both or available on his website: dscottsmith.com

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D Scott Smith