Rick & Aldona Seymour

talk about building a business together. They have partnered with the Shaklee corporation to change their lives and the lives of thousands who are their customers and have also become a part of the business. They are living healthier and wealthier and have been blessed to help many others make the same leap to a life of freedom.

A little bit about Rick & Aldona...

Rick and Aldona Seymour got the entrepreneurial bug 48 years ago.

Aldona was the HR manager for the regional office of the American Cancer Society. Rick was MIS-EMPLOYED as an Aerospace Engineer for 18 years, and a professional speaker and trainer to Fortune 100 companies for 8 years. 

They were introduced to Shaklee Corporation in 1974 and as independent contractors have created a lifestyle for the last 38 years that most people only hope to have when they retire – and then discover they can’t live on 60% of what they couldn’t live on before they retired.

They replaced Aldona’s income as an HR manager within 6 months and equaled Rick’s income as an aerospace engineer within 13 months of starting their Shaklee business.  They have been semi-retired for the last 38 years and have created a lifestyle of both time-freedom and financial freedom.

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Website: shaklee.com/aldona

LinkedIn: Rick Seymour

Facebook: /rick.seymour.560

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Rick & Aldona Seymour
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