Steve Rix

has a fun conversation about PLAY. Steve wants to transform the human experience by injecting fun into the workplace. Play is an important part of relationship development, and can help companies serve their employees better, which will in turn serve their customers better making everyone’s experience on this planet BETTER.

A little bit about Steve...

Steve Rix has spent three decades honing and developing his skills as an expert in employee engagement. From start-ups to fortune 100 companies, Steve has provided coaching and consulting in the development of people to perform at their highest levels. Through the ebbs and flows of his own entrepreneurial journey, his experience has provided invaluable insight to corporate leadership, organizational health, and cultural vitality.

For the last decade he has explored, researched and experimented with play in the workplace as the highest state of effectiveness and efficiency. From coaching and consulting, to focus groups and beta testing, over 250 unique case studies lead Steve to develop a particular set of experiments and experiences; that when delivered to a workplace culture undeniably facilitate useful changes in culture.

Recently he released his first book, Play Saves the Day. His inspiration for this book came from the dangerously alarming state of mental health in the workplace. Now more than ever companies have a moral mandate to take care of their human capital. Putting people over profits will unequivocally create more profit and happier people in the workplace.

Play as a state of being is the most powerful foundation for human transformation. Steve is on a mission to be the prophet of play to help heal the global mental health pandemic. He is fun, he is passionate and will help anyone he can discover their personal playful path to transformation.

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