Mack & Ria Story

share about giving up corporate success to have the freedom of entrepreneurship. We talk about choosing to thrive and not just survive your past. The biggest impact is their motivation - not trying to make a lot of dollars, they are seeking to make a lot of difference.

A little bit about Mack & Ria...

Mack Story has logged over 11,000 hours leading teams through organizational change. He is the author of the
extremely popular Blue-Collar Leadership® Series. Ria Story is an author, TEDx speaker, and expert in leadership and life skills for women. Ria has nearly 20 years of experience in leadership and management.

Mack and Ria co-founded Top Story Leadership in 2008, are certified leadership speakers and trainers, and have published 32 books on leadership development and personal growth.

Highlights for them have been:

  • Helping train 20,000 Guatemalan Leaders with John Maxwell
  • Speaking at Yale University and the U.S. Capitol
  • Offering leadership development support for the U.S. Military, Chick-fil-A, Auburn University, Chevron, and many other organizations.

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