Tina Brandau

shares how a near death experience changed her priorities and gave her the opportunity to reinvent herself and who she serves.

A little bit about Tina...

Tina is a Success Coach specializing in helping leaders and entrepreneurs navigate change so that they can reach the other side stronger, faster, and more resilient.

She is a thoughtful, solutions-focused, no-holds barred coach who spent three decades as a senior executive and officer of companies ranging from start-ups to a billion dollars organizations before becoming an entrepreneur herself.

She is a Change Master who has led thousands of people through change, both small- and large-scale. Personally, she faced change of an unimaginable level when she suddenly became a survivor of an “un-survivable” accident and the decade long healing journey that followed. All of which she uses to help her clients see bigger possibilities and live out their greatest potential.

You will often hear her say that the credentials after her name mean far less than the results her clients achieve. Beyond her education, experience, and credentials she is also part-owner of two family-owned businesses. Most importantly, her favorite roles are: Mom to two now grown adults, Wife to her amazing husband of nearly 30 years, and follower of Jesus.

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