Trent Clark

has a great conversation about the ities. Ability, capacity, mentality, productivity and other big ities. We talk about pro athletes being hyper achievers and what is the business equivalent to getting in the reps. It is important to have high expectations because you play to the level you expect. Winners find a way and losers have 4 traits in common. 

A little bit about Trent...

Trent Clark is the CEO of Leadershipity. Having spent his adult livelihood among top 1% producers in sports and business, Trent is dedicated to empowering people to reach their goals, peak performance, and attain their dreams – labeled the ‘Dream maker.’ Having started twelve businesses – and a 10+ year EO Member - his dedication and energy given to his team’s and the entrepreneurs he works with is infectious. But most folks know Trent for his 12+ years in Major League Baseball and coaching in three World Series.

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LinkedIn: /trentmclark

Instagram: @leadershipity

Twitter: @TrentMClark

Facebook: Trent Clark | Leadershipity

YouTube Channel: Leadershipity

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Trent Clark
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